1 thought on “What kind of potion is used for fleas on dogs is the most effective”

  1. In the case of fleas on the dog, using fast and effective insecticidal spray or pharmaceuticals is the most effective way to clear the flea.
    Since at this time, the dog found that fleas exist, first of all, the flea needs to be effectively killed. In normal times, the use of great pets to prevent parasites in the body, worshiping pets, etc. can not immediately effectively kill the flea, so this situation is not recommended to use the above medicines.

    At present, the treatment principle of solving the flea on the dog is a one -time killing later maintenance. You can consider the following drugs: Fulan spray Nicocyt.

    Plain can effectively kill adult fleas. Therefore, first use the Fulan spray, the amount of treatment is recommended according to the instructions, and the whole body is scratched. In this process, in the process, Adult flea is basically killed. After that, you can capture the visible adult fleas that have been killed, or clean it directly through bath.

    Thefacn spray can play a role in quickly killing fleas, but its duration is relatively short, about 5-7 days, and it is only effective for adult fleas. In the case of flea infection, the dogs are inevitable to have a residual of flea eggs, so you can take the dog's mouth and credible (the drug effect is 1 month) or some other can play a prevention and treatment role The drugs are maintained to achieve the purpose of truly solving flea.

    In addition to solving the flea problem of dogs, the environment of dog life also needs to be disinfected and clean.
    It the environment of the dog's life, there will be some flea eggs scattered. If it is not cleaned in time, the risk of infection will still occur. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation and ensure that there is a certain sunlight. It is recommended to remove the dog and the place where you stay, and use the relevant disinfectant to clean it and place it in the sun. For the ground, you also need to mop with the disinfection water you want.

    The thorough removal of fleas takes a certain time, so in normal times, you need to pay special attention to daily cleaning work to prevent prevention. If you take a dog to slip outside every day, it is also necessary to remove deworming in the body and outside the body.

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