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  1. Dogs to go flea medicine can be treated according to the following four steps
    1, orange skin, grapefruit skin, 3 garlic, about 500 ml of water mix together, stir well with the juicer, then heat it with low heat, then heat it with low heat After 15 minutes of drying, put it in the watering pot and spray it on the dog, pay attention to avoid the eyes.
    2, the pillow and sleeping pad used by dogs, the simplest is that some cedar, laurel, eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves are placed around (it is sold at the pharmacy, it is very cheap), or you can easily put the dog on the dog Flea drove away.
    3, use rosemary to eliminate fleas. Cook the 500ml of fresh rosemary leaves in boiling water for 30 minutes. Throw the leaves and pour the cooked water. Add warm water to 4 liters, soak the dog in a rosemary water for a while. If the dog's body is small, the amount of water can be less.
    4. Use apple cider vinegar to treat fleas, oral or local application. The method of orally is as follows: Add 15ml apple cider vinegar to the dog's drinking water. Doing this every few days, apple cider vinegar can penetrate into the skin, making the skin acidic, and it is not easy to attract fleas.

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