3 thoughts on “What kind of medicine does the dog use on the dog?”

  1. First of all, if the number of fleas on the dog is small, it is recommended to directly drip on the dog's head or neck with insect repellent. Generally, the flea can be killed after the drug is absorbed.
    If the number of fleas on the dog, it is recommended to use an external spray containing ingredients such as non -Porononi, and then spray the spray directly on the dog's armpit, groin, abdomen, head, etc. Wrap the dog with a urinary pad to strengthen the efficacy.
    but if the dog's skin already has skin lesions, wipe sulfur ointment for treatment. The part of the bite cannot be scratched to avoid secondary infections.
    Secondly, use lice to extinguish fleas to wash the dog or bath. Spray the liquid on the gloves first, and then apply it to the dog to avoid spraying into the dog's eyes, mouth or ears. Most flea cleaning liquid should be left on the dog without being washed off. After the flea is cleaned, it is recommended to use the in vitro dewravioxin to regularly use the in vitro dewlogen to put the dog's destroyer ring.
    At the same time, at the same time, the dead ends and wall roots in the home should be sprayed with sanitary water regularly. Not only to eliminate those adult fleas, but also to eliminate flea's eggs, pupae and flea larvae. Throw everything that can be washed into the washing machine, such as the dog's sleeping bed, blanket, dog rope, collar, dog plush toy, etc. It is best to put them in a dryer, because high temperature can effectively kill fleas, including their eggs and larvae.

  2. Flea is a type of in vitro parasitic that spreads many diseases and also spreads parasitic tapeworms. Therefore, dogs infected with flea need to be deworm immediately. The conventional in vitro deworming medicine has a good effect on flea. The common ingredients on the market are non -Penononi or Sarain. Different manufacturers' drugs are different. Generally, they can follow the doctor's advice.

  3. Is there fleas on the dog? Teach you a self -made pesticide to keep your dog away from itching, simple and effective!

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