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  1. Many diseases are in vitro parasitic in vitro, which is infected with more people and animals)
    . Generally, Flaen Pets (Personal Suggestion is that dogs are playing 20). These are drops! After dripping the drugs into several parts, it will enter the blood action to kill the in vitro parasites and prevent being infected again (preventing the validity period of 2-3 months)

    The cheaper side effects and more sideline elixir (also have the effect of killing for about 3 months to prevent infection again-pay attention to the amount of water). River pot to disinfect the environment after water-can be able to drive the parasite ...

  2. The puppy who was born less than a month can not use the in vitro dewraviole of our commonly used.

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  3. Recruitment one:

    Is to comb the fur of the dog with dense teeth, the flea may be stuck in the comb. Do not crush it at this time, but stick to the rubber strip or put it in the water with detergent. If it is crushed, the barrier eggs in the flea will fly out, and may be licked into the body by the dog.


    This in the home for thorough cleaning. Especially in the corner of the house, the edge of the wooden floor, the wool between the carpet and the blanket must be carefully cleaned. In this way, if you don't have to clear it, you can hang the insecticard or put the insecticide under the carpet and blanket in the house. However, the insecticidal board is not only the nemesis of fleas, but it is harmful to people and cats and dogs, so it must be the flea at home. Families with children, cats and dogs still don't need to be better.


    The countermeasures to eliminate fleas to keep the cat and dog body clean. Combs also clean up unclean fleas. When washing, wet from scratch little by little, so that the flea had no way to escape.


    The dogs who don't like bathing, give it flea powder. Separate the hair of the flea's ears and the root of the abdomen, insert it into the flea powder, and then sort out with the brush. Sprinkle every 2-3 days, and you cannot sprinkle every day.


    It 250 grams of fresh citrus peel, cut it into a broken end with a knife, wrap it with gauze and squeeze out the bitter juice with sour taste. Dilute the juice with 500 grams of boiling water and stir well. After cold, spray it on the cat and dog, or use a towel to wet on the cat and dog with a towel. Lose! Essence
    In the elimination of flea

    In order to effectively destroy the fleas, adults must be killed to control the growth environment of fleas.

    This to kill adults

    The products on the market for killing fleas, formulas, killing speeds, effects, validity periods, and different degrees of use. If a cat bites allergies to flea, use the medicine that is quickly destroyed to prevent fleas from continuing to bite it.

    In environmental control

    Callow vacuum, and immediately throw away the bag of the vacuum cleaner, which can greatly reduce the chance of flea to grow adults in the house in the non -adult period. All the contaminated things, let the dog's bed consider completely cleaning or throwing away. Others should also:

    1) Pets for dogs or other long fleas to use long -term flea medicine, which can kill adults and prevent eggs.

    2) House treatment, kill fleas from different periods. This step is difficult because larvae may be deep in the carpet and sofa. It may be time -consuming, because the entire house is dealt with, including all gaps and corners. It is best to suck the dust before taking the medicine to stimulate the adults out of the cocoon. Follow the instructions of the use of medicines to avoid poisoning.

    The places where dogs often do n’t have to pay attention, especially where he sleeps. If you can wash it, wash it well, and put it under the sun. If you can't wash it, you can consider throw it away.

    3) You can take all dogs to inhibit flea into adults. But these medicines do not kill adults.

    The must follow all the instructions of use, and some methods take a few months to completely eliminate fleas.

    The long -term flea

    If all fleas, adults are not destroyed, the flea destroyed method must be changed. If pets do not go out, no longer need to do anything. If not, you can choose a long -term flea product. But you cannot intermittently use it, you must persist.

    The flea destroying product

    The spray, powder, bath, pill, etc.

    The is valid for the effective period of spraying agents and powder. If the environment around the dog grows fleas, the dog will soon grow the fleas. There is also a certain period of validity in the dog's neck circle, which need to be replaced in time. Some people say that the range of flea in the dog's neck circle is limited, and the flea may grow outside the dog's neck. The quality of the dog's neck circle in China is uneven, and be careful when choosing (Lucky Cat Online, the main ingredient of the medicine should be: increased efficiency and dehumate, pyretel chrysanthemum, amino methite, organic phosphate, or organic phosphoric acid ester One of Arsdo's interest). According to experience, it is not recommended to use the domestic flea wiring, especially the puppies. More than a dog at home should not be used, so as not to lick each other. There have been many times that dogs have experienced poisoning symptoms such as anorexia and dilutes due to licking the flea ring

    This can only be washed and killed the dog's adults. Essence There are two kinds of safe and long -term flea -destruction products in China, one is called insect extinguishing Ning (domestic), and the other is called Fulan (imported). The mechanism of insect extinguishing between the two medicines is: drip the medicine on the dog's skin, the medicine will quickly penetrate under the skin and produce microcoxim. When the flea bites the dog, it will be poisoned. Because the efficacy lasts (about one month), if there is a new flea hatching, it will be poisoned quickly during the validity period of the drug. According to the experience of domestic pet owners, these two medicines are the best effect. However, it should be noted that the amount of insecticidnning has strict restrictions, which cannot exceed the amount of the instructions, otherwise it is easy to skin allergies, and it cannot be applied to puppies and pregnant bitches of less than three months. Flaen is expensive, but the product is safe, suitable for puppies and pregnant dogs.

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