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  1. How to cut the dog nails
    On how to cut the dog's nails, different from the cat, the dog's nails cannot shrink, so try to cut it as slow as possible, cut it a little at a time, cut it a few times, cut the dog to cut the dog Before the nails, it is best to prepare a nail tool and something that can stop bleeding. Let me share more dog nails how to cut.
    How to cut the dog's nails 1, lying down
    When the nails (front paws) are cut, the arms that do not hold the nail pliers are slightly on the dog's neck (so that the Wang Xingren can not look up. ! No need to worry about Wang Hui's sudden attack again), the hand on the same side can lift TA's claws. Holding the nail tong's hand needs to bypass the body of the master (near the shoulders), from the back of Wang Xingren's paws to the front.
    If Wang Xingren tried to stand up, he could press TA's shoulders with the power of the upper body, so Wang couldn't stand up!
    2. Sideline
    If of your Wang Xingren is too disobedient, you can also choose to lie on the side of the TA. The arm that did not hold the nail tie also held the neck of Wang Xingren, and lifted TA's paws on the same side. Holding the nail tong's hand by bypassing Wang's body, his arms pressed on Wang Xingren to play a fixed role, and took the nail tongs. Then you can cut your nails, but how can you cut your nails without bleeding? There are knowledge in it ~
    is different from the cat. Wang Xingren's nails cannot shrink. Moreover, the color of Wang Nails is related to the color of the surrounding skin hair, so it is likely that the color of the nails of the same paw will be different ~ The light -cut nails will be relatively easy, because the "blood line" (quick) or above The part is pink, as long as you leave about two millimeters away from the pink area, you will not cut bleeding!
    Is for dark nails, parents must be careful! I can't see the blood line, so try to cut it as slow as possible, cut a little at a time, cut it a few more times, and pay attention to the disconnection of Wang Xingren's nails while cutting. Part of the part is light (area 1), then you can continue to cut. If there is a gray or pink oval area (area 3) in the middle of the two parts, don't cut it down and cut it again, it may bleed!
    In general, Wang Xingren's rear limbs can be cut less than the forelimb. Another thing to note is that you must remember to cut off your thumbs.
    If your nails have a long nail bloodline, you can increase the frequency of cutting nails. As the nails shorten, the bloodline will gradually shorten! It's magical ~ You must not cut too much because the nails of the dog are too long, so that the Wang Xingren will be very painful, will flow a lot of blood, and you will be traumatized!
    Bet before cutting nails for Wang Xingren, it is best to prepare something that can stop bleeding for later use, such as disinfection cotton balls or hemostatic powder. After cutting, remember to comfort Wang Xingren's wounded childlike soul. Do not let TA leave a psychological shadow, otherwise you will be difficult to cut your nails next time.
    Os how to cut dog nails 2 1. Prepare tools
    Mou to prepare the tools first. Choose different nail knives according to the dog's body shape. If the nails are large, it is recommended to choose the empty sickle type.
    2. Apocalypse or transfer Note
    If it is a large dog, when cutting, you can help two people together. One person disperse the dog's attention, stroke it, and cut it. If it is cut alone, first appease the dog's emotions before cutting. You can hold the dog in your arms.
    . Pruning posture
    During construction, the owner can let the dog stand on the table, clamp its head under his arm, avoid hurting you when it is struggling, soothe after soothe, use it, use it, use it, use it, and use it. Hold the nails to be cut in your hand, and cut your fingers.
    4. The length of the pruning
    The length of the trim cannot be cut to the blood line. The dog's nails are white. You can see the obvious red part. If the nails are black, the owner can put the dog's feet on the table, just touched it. Don't cut too short.
    5. Positioning
    After trimming, use steel sand plates or other grinding tools to polish the edges of the nails to avoid scratching and affect the lives of dogs and family members.
    In trimming the nails, the owner can use some dog snacks to transfer the dog's attention, and at the same time, it can also play a role in appeasement. This goat cheese is very good, can supplement calcium and beauty!
    In addition to doing these trimming and nursing work, they have to choose a dog food suitable for them. It is best to choose some light and low salt as natural dog food, which can reduce hair loss and tear marks. The nutrition is relatively comprehensive. It has a variety of nutrients needed by dogs, and it is also well absorbed natural food.

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