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  1. The yellow rolling dog is a teddy dog.
    This expansion:
    1. poodle:
    , also known as the lady, also known as a rolling dog. In German, Pudel means splashing water, a kind of dogs in dogs. animal. The source of the poodle is as turbid as it is to drag out the water involved in the hunting bird. French long curly dogs, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hounds, and even Malzis dogs may be the ancestors of poodles.
    2. Breeding method:
    The puppies of poodles are easy to get sick. Pay special attention to prevention and pay attention to its diet hygiene. Food must be rich in protein, and the meat is not less than 100 grams per day. Before feeding, add equal amount of vegetarian or biscuits to reconcile with water, and should also provide some fresh and clean drinking water.

  2. The common varieties of rolling dogs include VIPs, Bear, Belinkon, Skimbato, Card Dog, Rolling Rolling Dog, Portuguese Aquarius, Irish Water Hound, and so on.
    . Rolling dog hair is easy to knotted. It is often sorted out in the direction of the hair flow. It is best to once a day. When the dog is bathing, in addition to the shower gel, you need to use hair care to moisturize the dog's hair. Rolling dogs are mainly known as "lady dogs". They are a very smart and lively water hounds that are good at jumping.

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