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  1. According to the growth rate of the dog's nails, cutting nails is almost once 7-10 days. The dog's nails are divided into two layers. The inner layer contains nerves and blood vessels. Generally, we only need to trim the outer layer. Pay attention to observing the blood line in the dog's nails, nail cuts should be trimmed at 45 degrees. If it is a light -colored nail, as long as you leave about 3 mm in the pink area, you will not cause bleeding dog nails to be too long. 1. It will affect walking
    To the meat pad, it may even hurt the joint.
    2. Twisted toe festivals
    The nails too long will allow the dog to touch the ground directly with nails. When the soles are opened for a long time, the toe joints will gradually distort and deform.
    3. The joint problem of the upper legs
    If the nails are still not cut, the upper leg joints of the dog will also be affected, and problems occur.
    4. Toe -tip inflammation
    The dogs will have an impact on the tip of the toe for each step of the nails and cause inflammation.

    So how do you cut your dogs with specific specific? 1. Use professional tools
    The dog nails are hard and have a special shape. If you use nails or scissors for human use, you may cause nail splitting. Therefore, when cutting nails for dogs, use pets for nails for pets.
    2. Understanding the structure of the dog's nails
    The nails of dogs are divided into two layers. The inner layer contains nerves and blood vessels. Generally, we only need to trim the outer layer. Because of the different genetic structure, the dog's nails can be divided into two types: black and white.
    3. How long is the trimming
    The growth rate of the dog's nails, almost 7-10 days, help the dog to trim the nails once. When trimming, grab the front end of the dog's toes, confirm the location of the blood vessels and avoid it. After the cut, the sharp corner is rounded with a knife.

    This steps to trim your nails Pay attention to observe the blood line of the dog's nails. The nail cut should be tilted 45 degrees for trimming. If it is a light -colored nail, as long as it is left about 3 mm in the pink area, bleeding will not be caused. If the dark nails cannot be seen, the trimming must be carried out carefully. Tour 2-3 mm at a time, and you can stop trimming when you see a darker black spot in the middle of the nail. When cutting your nails for dogs, you can also help them trim the hair on the pads to avoid slipping.

    News in cutting nails (1) What should I do if the blood line is long
    If the dog's nails are long and the blood line is long, do not give the dog because the nails are too long, so as to give the dog if it is too long. Dogs cut a lot at a time. You can slowly trim and increase the frequency of cutting nails. As the dog's nails slowly shorten, the blood line will slowly shorten the nails.
    (2) What to do if you cut the blood line
    If accidentally cut it to the dog's blood line, please keep calm first, press cotton ball or hemostatic powder to press the bleeding place, and soothe the dog Emotion, observe the bleeding port, you can let go when not bleeding.

    The environment for dogs that are not afraid of pruning (1) Poise multiple times in divided
    Nail movement. For example, cut one claw today, and cut one the next day. If the dog is in good condition and the cooperation is good, you can cut a few more toes. If the dog is impatient, you must immediately stop. This helps to reduce the disgust of dogs to cut nails.
    (2) Let the dog start to adapt to the age of childhood
    I. During the dog's childhood, it often touched its claws and changed the dog's awareness of the protection of its own claws. You can also cut your nails where the dog can be touched, so that the dog is not afraid of the nail cutting.
    (3) Select the right time and place
    The trimming for it when the dog is quiet. If the dog has a resistance to the nails, you can feed it for some snacks as a reward. You can also choose when the dog is happy and relaxed. If the dog is small, you can consider putting it on a higher platform, and the dog can be balanced on the smooth surface.

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