5 thoughts on “How to cut my dog ​​nails? What are the places to pay attention to?”

  1. In addition to combing the dogs at home, in addition to combing the dogs and matched with very nutritious foods, they will also give it deworming from time to time, but don't forget to trim your dogs. Because the dogs grow too long, their nails will grow together, and they like to run around outside, so the long nails are not conducive to their claws to the ground and may damage the nails. So, how to cut your dogs? This is actually a skill.
    How to trim dog nails

    , before cutting your dogs, you must choose a good tool. Generally, you will choose different dog -specific nail knives according to the dog's body shape, but you still have to use it yourself, but for the kind of nails, it is best to choose the round nail knife hole. Nails.
    . When you start cutting your dogs directly, you must first calm it slowly. Do not cut it from the inside. This will stimulate it and cause it to be more emotional and not cut your nails normally. When the dog is soothing, it is not afraid of loosening from the nail knife. You can put it on a highly appropriate table to relax it, a very comfortable posture, and then hold it alone. Pour its nails with scissors.
    three, please be careful not to cut your dog's nails shortly. Because the dog's nails have blood lines, you must not cut this place, so when you cut your nails, cut it near the bloodline, don't hurt it, don't cut it. R n Fourth, if you want to stand or impatient in the process of cutting your nails for dogs, you can appease properly first, do not stop too much. When it is more comfortable, slowly induce and persuade it. Generally, dogs will move forward quietly. But if the dog itself is very aggressive, then abandon trimming nails.
    The above is a general introduction to the topic of "how to trim dog nails". Hope the above content will help you. At the same time, we must remind everyone that some dogs' care need to be carried out regularly, otherwise it will have a certain impact on themselves and their families. If you are not sure if you can do well, you can take a dog to a special pet shop. They have special staff.

  2. Cut the dogs to tie the dog to the fixed place with a tie dog rope, so as to prevent the dog from running around. It should be noted that the nails should not be cut too much. Just cut off.

  3. Cut off the tip vertical part with a dog -specific toenails, but do not cut it too much at a time, you can put the dog on the table. Because dogs have fear of heights

  4. When cutting your nails, you can prepare some snacks for the dogs to eat the dog's attention. When cutting your dogs, you must grab the dog's claws, otherwise the dog may struggle

  5. You have to choose a pet -dedicated nail knife, then find a place with a brighter light source, and then look at the blood line and slowly trim along the edge of the nails.

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