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  1. How to help dog cut nails? How to help dogs to trim nails at home? What problems should I pay attention to? The following little beans will share with you the dog cut nails. How to help dog cut nails? How to help dogs to trim nails at home? What problems should I pay attention to? The following little beans will share with you the dog cut nails. Method of cutting nails for dogs:
    First of all, you need a suitable nail pliers. There are two main types of nail tongs on the market. One is shaped like scissors, and the other is a nail tip with a round and empty knife. Two types of nail clams have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, the latter is better than the former.

    The nail knife with scissors is more suitable for cutting nails that are used to cut because of long and long bending nails. Such situations often appear on the nails of the Wang Xingren's thumbs, because the TAs can't grind this nail when they walk.
    reminds parents ~ Pay attention to the front and back when you use a rounded nail clamp, and the side of the blade towards yourself (out of the country), so that you can see clearly. Putting Wang Xingren's nails from the round hole. When holding the nail knife, the blade will cut the dog's nails forward!
    Secondly, press your family's Wang Xingren
    We It is recommended that two postures can be used for everyone to choose ~
    1. Slap
    Like the following figure, stand next to the table, let Wang Xingren lie on the table, cut the nail on the opposite side of the TA with a nail pliers.
    During the nails (front paws), put the arm without a nail tong slightly on the dog's neck (so that the Wang Xingren could not look up! No need to worry about Wang will suddenly attack), the same The side hand can lift TA's paws. The hand holding the nail tong needs to bypass the body of the master (near the shoulders), from the back of the Wang Xingren's paw to the front.
    If Wang Xingren tried to stand up, he could press TA's shoulder with the power of the upper body, so Wang couldn't stand up!
    2. Side
    Obedient, you can also choose to lie on the side of TA.
    This arm without a nail tong was also holding Wang Xingren's neck, and lifted TA's paws on the same side.
    This with a nail tong's hand around Wang's body, his arms pressed on Wang Xingren to play a fixed role, and took the nail tongs.
    Then you can cut your nails
    , how can you cut your nails without bleeding? This is learned ~
    is different from the cat. Contraction.而且汪指甲的颜色和周围的皮肤毛发颜色有关,所以,很可能同一只爪子的指甲颜色会有不同哦~rn 剪浅色的指甲会相对而言容易很多,因为”血线“ ( Quick) The parts above are pink, as long as you stay away from the pink area for about two millimeters, you will not cut bleeding!
    As for dark nails, parents must be careful! No see can be seen! Blood line, so cut as slowly as possible, cut a little at a time, cut it a few more times, and pay attention to the break of Wang Xingren's nails while cutting. If the upper part of the nails is dark (area 2) Color (area 1), then you can continue to cut. If there is a gray or pink oval area (area 3) in the middle of the two parts, don't cut it down and cut it again, it may bleed! Generally speaking The number of nails of the star can be cut less than the number of forelimbs. Another thing to note is that you must remember to cut off your thumbs.
    Finally, there are several small suggestions
    . If your nails have a long nail bloodline, you can increase the frequency of nail cutting. As the nails are shorter, the bloodline will gradually shorten! Magic magic! Let ’s cut too much because the nails of the dog are too long, so that the Wang Xingren will be very painful, will flow a lot of blood, and you will be traumatized!
    Figure 1: In short shortness The growth of the blood line in the nails
    Figure 2: (The arrow above: cut it here will bleed, but the dog's nails are still long; 😉 As the dog's nails become longer, the growth of the blood line
    Figure 3: If you can cut your dogs every few days, the bloodline will become shorter
    Figure 4: As the nails are shorter, the blood line will become shorter.
    Figure 5: Only by keeping the dog's nails short enough can it be less likely to cut bleeding when cutting nails. Similarly cut off such a long nails, if it is Figure 2, the dog will bleed
    The nails with the right length, the trimming looks
    before cutting the nails for Wang Xingren, it is best to prepare some it. Breeding from hemostasis, such as disinfection cotton balls or hemostatic powder.
    If Wang Xingren specializes in cutting his nails, he must first appease, give some delicious and fun, blind the ta, and then take advantage of the sudden attack, you can ask others to help, you can ask others to help. As long as two or three nails are successfully cut, TA will not resist so much.
    In after cutting, remember to comfort Wang Xingren's wounded childlike soul. Do not let TA leave a psychological shadow, otherwise you will be difficult to cut your nails next time.
    said so much, and finally remind everyone, do not cut the nails for Wang Xingren because you are afraid of trouble. When you go to the doctor at that time, you will lose money!

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