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  1. If the dog's nails are not trimmed regularly, it will not only hurt others, but also have certain harm to the dog itself, so the pet owner must trim your nails regularly for the dog.
    1. Choose the right nail knife for the dog.
    2, before starting to cut nails, you need to prepare. Find a place for a dog to lie down and cut your nails comfortably.
    3, grab the dog's paw steadily, but do not squeeze. Hold your nail knife with your advantages and hold the dog's paws in the other hand. In order to better control the dog when cutting the nails, put your thumb on the bottom of the foot pad, and place your fingers at the top of the tip of the nails and the top of the foot pad. Then place the knife mouth of the nail knife on the nail cutting line you expect to cut off your nails in a fast and powerful way.
    How time to cut the dog's nails
    The answer to the question is not unique, mainly based on the different situations of the dog. The growth rate and natural wear of the nails are different for each dog. In order to determine the time of cutting nails, you need to know a principle. When the dog stands or walks, you hear the sound of the nail touching the ground that you need to cut your nails.
    . Generally, most dogs need to cut nails for 1-2 months. The nails on the front foot grow faster than the nails of the rear foot, so sometimes you can trim the nails at the rear foot every other time, or trim the rear foot every time, but you don't need to cut too much each time.

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