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  1. The dog's nails are very hard. When cutting, do not hesitate; the soles of the feet are too long to slide, and the feet hairs are trimmed when cutting the nails; about 7 to 10 days, you need to help the dog trim the nails once. How to cut nails for pet dogs? Dog nails are very hard, decisive when cutting, do not hesitate; the feet hair is too long and easy to slip. When cutting the nails, trim your feet with your feet; about 7 to 10 days, you need to help the dog trim Once nails.
    1. To cut it decisively
    This Dog's nails are very hard, and the last one to cut should be decisive. Because when the dog finds that you want to cut your nails, you will shrink back. Do not use scissors to pinch his nails when the dog shrinks his claws, which will make him feel very uncomfortable.
    2. Simultaneous cutting of the feet
    because the palm hairs are too long to slip, so while cutting the nails, you can repair your feet. For dogs, the friction between the feet and the ground is very important. Sometimes the nails are rolled back to the meat too long, so pay attention.

    3. How long is trimming
    The growth at the growth of the nails, about 7 to 10 days, you need to help the dog to trim your nails once. When trimming, grab the front end of the dog's toes, confirm the location of the blood vessels and avoid it. After the cut, the sharp corner is rounded with a knife.
    4. How to cut bleeding
    Sometimes if you cut it carefully, you may accidentally cut the blood vessels, and there is a bleeding situation. At this time, as long as you stop the blood correctly and calmly, you can not only reduce the blood of the dog flow, but also reduce the pain in the shortest time.

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