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  1. The correct step of cutting nails for pet dogs

    Is who love dogs often like to say hello to dogs in a human way, that is, handshake. But maybe you have found that when you hold the bottom of the dog's claws, it is mostly no response; when you touch the top of the paw, it may shrink; if you talk about the dog's toe seam, it will express it very clearly It wants to be alone for a while. Let ’s take a look at the correct steps for cutting nails for pet dogs

    This dogs have very tough foot pads. , Very sensitive, so I don't like to be fiddled with people.

    1. When cutting toenails, the dog is placed on a higher platform, such as the lid of the washing machine. The slippery surface makes the dogs have to work hard to maintain their body balance and be unable to concentrate on fighting you.

    2. If your dog can accept raw people, please do strangers after training. The change of strangers. The change and the environment of the environment will make it unable to speculate on its purpose. In confusion, it is easier to abandon self -defense and accept management.

    3. Dogs often touch its paws during the child's childhood, so that it will change the sense of protection of the paw as soon as possible.

    4. Put the scissors in a place where the dog can touch, instead of taking it out on the day of trimming. Let the dog have the opportunity to approach this mysterious guy and gradually end the fear of scissors.

    5. If the toenail is a disaster for your dogs, you can cut one paw with only one claw in a week, instead of forcing it to trim four at a time. ;;

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