4 thoughts on “How to cut my dog ​​nails? What are the methods that can be taken?”

  1. If it is an adult dog, it usually does not need to be cut, because it has a large amount of activity, and the nails will be worn off during exercise. But for dogs who do not often grind toenails and do not go out for a long time, the owner must trim nails regularly. Because the nails are too long, it will not only affect the dog walking, catch people, but also infect bacteria.
    How to trim dog nails

    The tool for cutting dog nails is a dog -specific nail knife. Because if a person uses a nail knife, it is easy to cut the dog's nails, causing nails to bleed. When trimming your nails for dogs, you must fix its paws to see the area of ​​nails and meat. If you don't look good, you can only cut less at a time and cut more. If you don't dare to do it yourself, you can take the pet beauty center to find someone to help. Of course, you can also choose to buy pet -dedicated toenails. This operation is relatively simple, but you still need to pay attention. Be careful not to grind the meat, otherwise it will be very painful, and it is easy to breed bacteria.
    The tools that need to be prepared are: toenails, cotton, disinfection, and hemostatic agent for pet cats and dogs.


    ① Put the dog on the thigh and stroke its head to stabilize it.
    ② Take a foot to make the scissors and toenails of 45 degrees, cut off the excess toenails one by one.

    ③ The roots of the meat (dark and opaque) cannot be too close, otherwise it will bleed

    ④ if you accidentally bleed, immediately use the cotton wool with an immersion antibody to stop bleeding.

    ⑤ After the toenails are trimmed, the hair on the soles of the feet also needs to be trimmed to make it flat with the foot pad. Too long will make the dog easy to slide, but too short foot walls are easy to scratch.

    How to trim dog nails

    I. If the dog is too active or afraid of cutting toenails, you can find someone to hold a dog; r; r; r;

    Tour to the toenails every two to three weeks;

    3. After each trimming, use the disinfectant to clean the toenails that have been pruning and trimmed.

    The toenails for dogs can be done at home, just pay attention to the degree of control. Do not cut too much at a time, cut a little bit, especially when you ca n’t reduce it to the blood line. If you make the dog painful, it will be difficult to cut it next time.

  2. First of all, you must choose a pet -dedicated nail knife to cut your nails for dogs. Do not look for nails casually, and it is easy to hurt the dog. You can let it cut your nails while the dog is sleeping, or let it eat some snacks when you cut your nails, so as to reduce its resistance

  3. You can use a nail knife to cut the dog's nails, and you can use a knife to smooth it. It is recommended to soothe the dog before cutting the nails.

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