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  1. When cutting my nails, it operates in the case of happiness. At this time, it will not exclude; you can hold the dog's paw first, then slowly massage its feet and press the nails; you need to choose a more blunt scissors. To prevent damage to the dog's toes; when cutting it, the trimming length is controlled at two to three millimeters. If the length is not controlled, it can be appropriately stayed.
    1. Suitable time
    The dogs are not as willing to accept nails as like people. In most of the time, it is very exclusive to this behavior, so you need to choose a good time, you can wait, you can wait It is happy to relax or feel tired when I want to sleep, and it will not have a great performance.
    2. Treatment of the paw
    When you choose to cut your nails for pet dogs, you can gently hold the dog's paws gently. If it does not resist from leaving, slowly massage the feet and press it. Nails, this operation needs to be appropriately operated according to the age of the dog, because dogs of different ages have different reactions.
    3. Choose scissors
    The dog's nail cutting is different from humans. Human may require more sharpness, but the dog's scissors need to prepare more blunt. Caused damage, the most common is U -shaped scissors. This shape of scissors fits the dog's depression nails.
    4. The length of the nails
    It can be used to operate two people when cutting the nails for dogs. Usually, the dog's nails cannot be cut too short. You can trim two to three mm in the length of it. To avoid cutting the blood lines in the nails, if the length is not good, you can keep it longer. After all, the dog's nails are also a tool for it to survive.

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