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  1. . Feeding principles
    When the dog has no appetite, you can hung it appropriately for a day to restore the dog to your appetite. Some dogs do not necessarily raise in traditional ways, and their breeding times vary with the dog's variety and breeding method. For example, sausage dogs like dry dog ​​food, which can be fed more than 4 times a day, but each time cannot be fed. If it is allowed to be converted into a semi -dried dog, the daily feeding is relatively small due to the high nutritional nutrition. Grasp a basic principle, don't let the dog eat too full.

    . The feeding method
    If conditions of the family, you can buy commercial dog feed produced by the feed factory. This type of feed, especially the full price with the feed, can be fed directly. The concentrated feed and full -price feed can be added according to the instructions to add other energy feeds such as grains, which is very convenient and meets the requirements of feed standards. However, currently commercial dog feed is far from being popular in my country. At the same time, the feeding cost of commercial dog feed is always high, and it is more economical to feed with leftovers during the day.

    . The feeding method of puppies.
    1. The gastrointestinal digestive ability of puppies for two to three months is not very strong. Too hard dog food should be fed with warm water, three times at a time, and the remaining dog food will be thrown away. Do not let the dogs do not let the dogs Continue to eat, prone to diarrhea, do not throw things on the ground for dogs. This is not good for its teeth. It also eats germs.
    The most important thing is that the grain is broken every Monday and eating cabbage can help the gastrointestinal recovery function, and can also digest the food that cannot be digested. The intestine, so that the dog will have a good stomach.
    2. Develop a good habit of cleaning your teeth from an early age. Do not eat the snacks as much as possible, which will affect the growth of the dog's teeth. Long -term development will also be the life of the dog! After three to four months, you start eating dogs, 3 times a day, and gradually decreased to 2 times a day to ensure the amount of water drinking. The rice bowl should also be high, don't be too low, of course, don't be too high.
    3, can be cooked with cooked yellow radish and chopped sweet potatoes in dog food. A small amount of meat can be added within 4 months, and you can try not to eat pork as much as possible within 5 months. Don't put salt, the dog does not need salt at this time.
    4. Suppose the pet owner feeds the dog at the beginning, and can also add seaweed powder. If it is licking the ground, you can also add iron zinc, compound vitamin tablet, it is recommended not to eat hair powder. When conditions are better, milk tofu is the most calcium.
    Dr. Claws Reminder: If you want to know more about dog feeding articles, you can click "Puppy Fedback Guide" to understand.

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