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  1. 1 The first is to measure your baby's neck about how thicker my dog. My shots are 40 stitches and two stitches. Two stitches and two stitches. It is not very good that the dog will be uncomfortable)

    2 and then start slicing
    The scores of the oblique shoulder. This step is more important. The general dog is only 2 to 2.5cm in front of the dog. Such as: 4 stitches (front chips) two stitches (plus needle) 7 stitches (sleeves) and two stitches (plus needle) 14 stitches (latter tablet) two stitches (plus needle) 7 stitches (sleeves). Specific needle method: such as ||/; ||; ||/. Pick out a needle on both sides of the two stitches, add it every other line, and add the number of needles required for the bust. (Breast needle number-the number of pins of the front tablet-the number of pins of the rear tablet-4 needles u003Cate half of the 8 needle at the needle, and the other half is put on the sleeve> = x/4 u003C4
    Needle, 4 needles each of the collar sleeves> = y (the number of needles to be added), 70-4-14-4 = 48/4 = 12, here to add 12 times.
    n After that, separate the sleeves and body, add two stitches at the needle and the body to divide a needle. First put the sleeve with threads and knit the body. Weaving to 2/3), 1. In the center of the front film, the flat collection is 3--3.5cm (the dog can be less), and then weave it back and forth and start to reduce the needle at the same time. 1 (line) -1 (needle) -4 (time)
    is to reduce one needle four times without a line, the same view in the following; B, 2-1-3; C, 3-1-2, so Woven to the hind legs. Determination of the hind legs: body length -1cm (side length) -4cm (length of the hind legs) -1.5cm (the leg with the needle length), the hind legs can be adjusted, the doll can be adjusted, the doll Fat is more. 2, start with the stitches of the hind legs: A, 2 1 2; B, 1 1 2, the same way of reading. 3. Social legs: A, 4 stitches on each end , First weave the first 4 stitch, weave 4cm (the length of the legs), and then the 4 stitches on the other end, the same weave 4cm; B, then use the thread to wear 3 stitches on each end of the remaining part, and then weave the remaining remaining remaining. The part, the same weaving 4cm; C, connect the three parts of the weaving one to two lines, OK! Retreat. 4, follow the butt-legs-belly-legs-ass, pick a circle, weave two, two woven two Two stitches on the needle, close the needle after 1cm.

    4 is the last sleeve and leg. 1. Sleeve: replace the thread with a sweater needle, you can start to weave (underarmed connection under the underarm connection (underarm connection connection It is best to pick 1-2 stitches, or there will be holes). The length depends on personal preferences. You do n’t need to reduce the needle. If the long one grows, you must reduce the needle like a person. Lower 1cm needle. 2, legs: Similarly, use a sweater needle to replace the three stitches of the thread, and then pick a circle. The weaving method is the same as the sleeve.

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