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  2. Bichon Dog (French: Bichon Frisé, meaning "white rolling puppy") is native to the Mediterranean region and is a small dog variety. It is a common pet, similar to Malzis. They do not naturally remove hair, so hair needs to be organized. The color is generally white. It was originally called the Barbine dog, and the back -shrinking was a Bear. Suspecting is the descendants of the Babit dogs and water hunting dogs. It is a petite, strong white puff -type dog, with a cheerful personality, which can be reflected in the tail and curious eyes from its feathers. The shape is cute and loved by everyone. Now it is mostly a pet to raise pets, so it needs to deal with its hair, diseases, etc. regularly. Bidai dogs are dumb, sensitive, naughty and cute. The characteristics of funny people are also the sign of this breed, or at least this. In the overall appearance, the Bichon dog is a small dog, robust, cute, fluffy small tail on the back, with a pair of curious black eyes. At the same time, its movements are elegant and flexible and love. Another advantage is that it does not have hair loss. It is small in activity and is mainly distributed in Europe. However, in recent years, people in some Asian countries have also begun to be happy to raise such well -behaved small dogs, and the distribution range has gradually expanded.

    Is when France invaded Italy, the French were fascinated by the cute look of the Bichon dog white velvet, and brought it back to France as a warrior. Big Bear dogs have high requirements for the living environment and often need to be accompanied by someone. This requires special attention. Bidai dogs are dumb, sensitive, naughty and cute. In terms of overall appearance, the body is smaller than the bear dog, but the body is strong, lively and cute. The small tail full of fluffy hair is erected behind the back, with a pair of cute and curious black eyes. joy.

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