What food is good for dogs?

Dogs have no appetite, what to eat is better. Essence Essence Can appetite? Urgent. Essence Essence Essence Essence

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  1. Feeding dogs eat food:
    1. Carrots are very common foods. Its rich in vitamin A has antioxidant effects, can also promote digestion, and it is also good for teeth health. It is recommended to mix with dog food after cooking, and do not too much, because more can cause vitamin A poisoning.
    2, pumpkin also has a good effect on maintaining the health of the dog's urinary tract, and is rich in dietary fiber, which can play a certain role in improving the dog's constipation or diarrhea. Feeding is recommended like carrots, chopped after cooking.
    3. The liver has always been delicious in the eyes of dogs. It contains protein and vitamins. The growth of dogs also needs to be supplemented in time. It is not recommended to feed too much. It ’s good to eat it occasionally. Like carrots, more can cause vitamin A poisoning and inhibit the absorption of vitamin D and cause calcium deficiency.
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  2. Dog's food:
    The best food for dogs is dog food. If you ca n’t eat dog food and eat home food, pay attention to ensure nutritional balance. Animal internal organs (note: Do not feed pork liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrots, etc., can be dog foods. Fate it for almost no salt and cook. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix a little warm water.
    If feeding times:
    birth-12 weeks: 4-5 times/day; 12 weeks to 4 months: feed 3-4 times/day; 4 months-1 year old God; after one year old: feed once/day

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, cooked eggs. Cooked egg yolk is rich in vitamins and has very good protein. Generally speaking, it is okay to feed dogs to eat cooked egg yolk, but be sure to cook and feed them, because the yolk that is not cooked is the bacteria that exist in the existence of bacteria for humans. It's fatal because of these bacteria. Parasites are produced in the dog's ears and parasitic on their heads. And cooked egg yolk also contains trace elements and lecithin, so for dogs, it can help dogs hairdressing and increase hair. However, it must not be fed more. Generally speaking, it is enough to not reach two a week.

  4. Text/teasing cats for a while
    The dogs are basically not picky. Their desire for food is natural, as long as they can eat them. This is what the old people often said that the dogs are good for feeding, and the cats are not easy to raise. Because cats are different from dogs, cats have higher requirements for food, they eat less but eat finely. However, although the dogs who are good at feeding are not picky, they also have a preference for food. These foods are all foods that dogs prefer to eat. For dogs, they seem to be natural attractions, which can make the dog appetite.

    Although cheese is made of milk, it has made it a good thing that it is easy to absorb and not impatient. Essence The unique fragrance of cheese (may be a little smelly milk fragrance), which is a natural temptation for dogs. In fact, the taste of cheese is very attractive to many animals. Many professional dog raising fields will regularly purchase cheese as a supplementary food for dogs, which will not only make the dog appetite, but also supplement calcium.
    egg yolk
    among which are rich in lecithin. Dogs often eat, which will make dog hair particularly bright and brighter, and it is better than eating how much wool powder eats. If the dog is losing his appetite, you can stir the cooked egg yolk into the dog food, which can stimulate the dog's desire for food. Egg yolks are cheap and simple to make. It is very suitable for daily supplementary food for dogs.
    Various meat stripes and dried bone sticks
    Although dogs are omnivorous animals, they can be eaten by vegetarian vegetarian food, but most dogs are more willing to eat. Compared to soft meat strips, dogs prefer to eat the roasted crispy meat and big bone sticks. Because after dehydration of these dried meat sticks, the taste will be more fragrant, and they can also grind their teeth by the way. They can be eaten and played.

    of yogurt
    The dogs also like to drink yogurt, maybe the smell of fermentation, which has a strong attractiveness to animals? Yogurt is not only delicious for dogs, but also very healthy. Drinking yogurt can increase appetite, regulate the stomach, and relieve heat and cool down. Of course, if you have conditions, it is best to give the dog homemade sugar -free and additive yogurt. Although the yogurt bought on the market is better, there are too many additives.
    The fruits
    The fruit that can be eaten by dogs, such as apples, pears, bananas, watermelon, and so on. The juicy and sweet and sour taste will make the dogs particularly like. If conditions permit, it is also good to cut a small piece of fruit to the dog after meals. What not to note is that not all fruit dogs can be eaten, such as grape cherries, please do not use it to feed the dog.

  5. Many ingredients cannot be eaten by dogs, but the same, many ingredients are beneficial to the health of the dog. So what are the healthy and common ingredients for dogs?
    1, chicken liver
    The chicken liver is rich in protein and vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, C, iron, copper (quite effective for malignant anemia) and other nutrients. However, it should be noted that animal liver should not feed too much. Excessive consumption of chicken liver can indeed cause calcium deficiency, especially puppies, but it is undeniable that the nutritional value of chicken liver is used as long as it is reasonable.
    2, banana
    banana is a fruit that can quickly replenish nutrition, and it is also applicable to dogs. In addition to rich food fiber, there is also fructose to promote the increase in beneficial bacteria in the intestine and help intestinal peristalsis. It is particularly recommended to a dog with constipation or easy to eat.
    3, apples
    Apple is rich in food fiber, which is very helpful for improving constipation or intestinal problems. In addition, the pectin in food fiber is also effective in eliminating toxins in the body. However, because apples contain too much sugar, be careful not to give the dog too much.
    4, lean pork
    This is less fat in the lean meat, and contains a large amount of vitamin B1 that can promote digestive function to restore normal. Although the dog's necessary intake is small, if the intake is insufficient, it may cause some skin problems.
    5, chicken breasts
    When the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal organ is weak, eating high -protein and low -calorie chicken breasts are the most suitable. Chicken breasts do not contain excess fat, especially for dogs in diet, it is an indispensable ingredients that supplement animal protein. Non -greasy fresh handmade chicken jerky, use fresh chicken breasts to dry, high protein, low fat, healthy and delicious.
    6, broccoli
    broccoli is composed of buds and stems. In addition to β -carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, it also contains iron and food fiber, which is a very nutritious food. In particular, the fiber content of the stems is very rich.
    7, pumpkin
    In addition to the rich fiber, pumpkin also contains various nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, vitamin C and carotene, which is also a better ingredient for dogs.
    It, there are still many ingredients for dog health, but I suggest that the dogs are mainly to eat dog food, and you can choose some nutritious dog food. Recommended non -greasy natural dog food, low oil and low salt 0 add, contains various trace elements, rich in nutrition, usually can occasionally match these healthy and beneficial ingredients, so that the dog's nutrition is more comprehensive, the dog is 100 points healthy!

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