2 thoughts on “How to get dnf pets for free?”

  1. 1. After the start, you will see a place called Fairy Mori on the right side of the interface, click.
    2, after clicking, select transmission, you can directly transfer it to the Fairy Forest.
    3. After transmission, the first thing to do is to expand the venue to the maximum, and then cultivate the fairy to the largest number.
    4. Every time, this fairy gift box will be sent. Click this gift box to open it and get 5 spring water.
    5, this spring is the second option on the right, which is used to raise pets.
    6, the upper right corner is the score after using spring water, and different scores will get different rewards.
    7. When the score reaches 2100 points, you can get a permanent free fairy pet gift box, and you can have a good pet.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the first type: You can get two materials through daily tasks. After collecting 50, you can go to Grandma Olan to redeem pets. This is a purely time to spend time. You can make a pet in 25 days, but you can make a pet, but The attributes are very average. The second type: also spent time. DNF monsters have won gold medals after playing. 50 gold medals can also be exchanged for pets. Third: buy a pet for the Spring Festival every year, and the attributes are excellent. Fourth type: You can buy pets for others in the auction house.

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