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  1. 1. Dogs who sleep like this are usually gentle, friendly, and good -tempered. This sleeping position dog can naturally save body temperature and protect the limbs, facial, throat and all important organs. But they usually lack a sense of security and sensitive, so the owners need to care more to accompany them.
    2. Dogs of sleeping positions on the ground style will be tight and difficult to relax, but don't worry, this does not mean that it is not relaxed in real life. They are likely to be energetic and energetic Love adventure. In addition, such dogs are usually milder, a little shy and timid.
    3, many dogs under the table like to sleep under the table. This is because our house is too high to many dogs, and the space above is too large, which will make people feel insecure. For dogs, the height of the desktop is just suitable for its sense of security, and it will feel more practical when sleeping under the table.
    4, the side -datong dog is usually in a light sleep state, and you can wake up with a little movement. Dogs are not easily awakened by people who are familiar when they are asleep, but they are still sensitive to strange sounds. They sometimes bark and moan, accompanied by limbs twist and head and ears. When you sleep lightly, the dog is prone position, and between the head and the two front paws, there is often one ears against the ground. When I fall asleep, I often lie on the side, and the whole body is developing, which is very smooth.

  2. 1 Curning the group

    This posture is more common, especially when the weather is cold, dogs prefer to sleep in this posture. This posture is more like a child who was born soon. This posture can maintain the dog's own temperature to the maximum extent and reduce the loss of calories.

    The posture can also protect your fragile abdomen and not be touched when sleeping. Therefore, dogs who often use this sleeping position may lack a sense of security, and at the same time, it also expects the owner's more care.

    2 side lying on the ground

    for dogs, this posture can relax the whole body during sleep. Generally speaking, a dog with this sleeping position shows that it feels assured of the environment around it.

    The posture of the ground can make the area of ​​half of your body contact the ground and promote the heat exchange with the ground. Generally, when the weather is more comfortable, dogs like this sleeping position.

    3 The front facing the sky

    This sleeping position lying on the face is really like a cute baby. Generally speaking, puppies use this sleeping position more. When using this sleeping position, it shows that the dog is in a very relaxed state, which is very trustworthy to the surrounding environment and the owner.

    The dog dares to show his weakest abdomen when he sleeps, which is a more adventurous move in itself. The wolf surviving in the wild will never adopt this sleeping position. On the other hand, the temperature of the surrounding environment may be a bit hot. The use of this posture can emit its own calories as much as possible, which plays a role in cooling.

    4 Flying on the four feet to the sky

    This dogs using this sleeping position are usually in a shallow layer of sleep. Two times.

    The words look so enchanting this kind of sleeping position ~ I can sleep and let go of myself when sleeping. Have you ever had this sleeping position? Those friends who can put the picture in the comments remember to bask in the basics ~

    5 sleeping

    dogs who can sleep out of this realm are generally rare, while sleeping You can still open your eyes, which will surprise those shoveling officers who have never seen the world ... dogs who sleep like this are generally more playful, and they are reluctant to close their eyes. what.

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