3 thoughts on “What express can send dogs?”

  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs generally do not use express delivery, usually air transportation, railway transportation or auto transport. There are many procedures for dog consignment, which should be paid attention to.nHope can help younQuestion Mailing Pet Dog to Chaoyang, how much is itnAnswer pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan/kg, northeast, northwest and other cities are based on 30 yuan/kg. Because the price of airlines often changes, please call the local branch by telephone for the specific pricenQuestions that you can’t apply for various documentsnAnswer the county -level animal quarantine certificate, animal and animal and animal product carrying tool disinfection certificates. After determining the itinerary, bring pets and healthy immune certificates on the day or day before departure to conduct a health inspection of the animals and plant quarantine agencies. prove.n4 morenBleak

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