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  1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-08-01nWhat kind of medicine do you usually use can prevent diseases? Intersection (Dog raising gang) 1. Remolar repellent and deworming medicine can be said to be a must -have dog raising. Inside and outside the body of insect repellent. It is generally recommended to buy both to eliminate dog flea parasitic mites, etc., prevent skin diseases or other diseases Essence Inside the body can be "worshiped the pet Qing", "Fulan" in vitro. Second, disinfection drugs are drugs that help dogs usually treat trauma. Generally, "iodophor" is sufficient. It can sterilize and disinfect it, and prevent wound infection and cause inflammation. Be careful not to let the dog lick up. Essence Third, the dog's ear dog ears are also a part that is easy to infect diseases. It is still easy to hide dirt and dirt and cause bacterial ear mites. Therefore Essence Fourth, antidiarrheal medicine "Huang Lian Su" can be used for dogs, which is a good antidiarrheal medicine, but pay attention to dosage. No matter what antidiarrheal medicine, before use, you must pay attention to whether it is just diarrhea of ​​the digestive system. If the dog is new to your house, or the diarrhea has blood, you must go to the hospital. Essence V. Gastrointestinal If the dog has obvious inflammation, or more severe redness and skin diseases, you can also take some oral anti -inflammatory drugs with external medicines. You can give it some "Amoxilin". The anti -inflammatory medicine is not very irritating to the dog's intestine. 6. Pet probiotic dogs are generally sensitive. The weather is hot and eating too much. Probiotics can effectively inhibit the damage to the dog's intestine in the pathogen, and can repair the intestinal biological barrier, improve the dog's immunity, and promote the absorption of nutrients. You can use "non -greasy probiotics" to condition the dog's stomach. Seven, eye drops dog special eye drops are also very important. Dogs have tear marks or blood wires need to clean their eyes. You can use "chloropotromycin eye drops" to help the dog clean your eyes, sterilize and anti -inflammatory, reduce tear marks, and are also effective for the eye feces that appear on the fire.

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