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  1. Pets cannot be mailed and can only be checked, usually land transportation or air transport. Not all courier companies have pets to consignment courier business, and not all pets can be checked, and generally small express delivery sites cannot accept such businesses. Generally, many of them are large courier sites or headquarters. Business, so first of all, you need to find a courier company that can take on such a business and express delivery site, and then fill in the corresponding mailing information. Essence

    It can call first, no need to run directly. If the distance is very close, you can go directly. If the distance is far away, the phone is more convenient. What, probably a lot of basic information, so that the courier company can know whether it can be courier.

    Is when you can express delivery after consultation, you need to send your pet to the courier point or the courier company to directly arrange the person to pick up the goods. If you come to the door, you will charge it. It is better to come to the door, so you don't need to run, relatively relaxed.

    In the related courier orders, the courier takes away the pets, and then you can prepare the courier to send it away. In general, you need to pay a certain premium, and there are some special accidents. It is actually inevitable that the occurrence of this requires knowing this.

    , often the courier company is carried out of pets. Those who have taken the plane are known. Pets can be shipped empty, which is the so -called pet consignment. The cost is high. At that time, the reason for the cost is relatively high here, basically air transport.

    . Finally, some pets are special and cannot be carried. Generally, the train is transported. This time is relatively long, but it is determined based on pets. Some pets are also determined by pets. Time can be a little longer, but some cannot be known.

    Is when breeding pets, try not to mail pets.

  2. Any courier can be sent by pets. If you want to transport pets, you can adopt a large way of consignment, train consignment, aviation consignment, and pet special car. Relatively speaking, trains or planes are faster, but quarantine certificates are required, otherwise they cannot be checked.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, please wait for your question, I am looking fornGeneral express delivery cannot be sent to pets, because bumps on the road during the pets, and not good care may cause pets to be sick or died. Article 33 of the "Implementation Detailed Implementation of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that all kinds of living animals are strictly prohibited. Even if it is an item, the quarantine certificate of the quarantine department must be issued to submit it. At present, there are only four ways to express or check dogs: bus consignment, train consignment, air shipping, pet special cars, etc. If you choose a aviation consignment, you need to go to the animal and plant quarantine unit (or the Agricultural Bureau Animal Husbandry Center) to issue three related certificates, and then apply for the animal quarantine certificate and health certificate. Finally, a series of procedures such as aviation consignment filings and packaging can begin to transport. Of course, in addition to the above methods, you can also drive the dog to your destination by yourself.

  4. There is no courier that can send activated pets now. It is recommended to find a pet or air transport for pets. Land transportation is safer than air transportation, which can reduce pet's stress response

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