5 thoughts on “How to make pet dogs learn to urinate at the point?”

  1. To prepare a air box or a dog cage with a suitable size of your dog to restrain the dog. The size of the cage should be suitable for the dog to sleep down. Essence Prepare dog toilets or urine pads, and set a place for a place for dogs in a balcony or bathroom as a dog. Start training. Every time you put the dog out, the finger is fixed in the direction of the finger and guides the dog's poop in the past. If you are worried that the dog will not pass, put on a traction rope when you get out of the cage. Is it taken or guiding it to pass autonomy and not to hold it). Dogs can add passwords when they are when they are. They must be rewarded in time when the dog is convenient. Some dogs are more able to hold it. If the dog stays for a few minutes, there is no desire to poop, you can continue to put it in the cage and feed it like usual, and then repeat the operation until it does not defecate.

  2. The puppy who just arrives at home can be surrounded by fences, first surrounds a small circle, and then covers urine pads in the fence of the small circle. After the dog is used to defecation on the urine pad, it will expand a little bit out of the fence. The scope dog can still accurately find the urine pad and defecate (can add password: stool, when you are used to hearing the poop dog, you know you want to defecate) After defecation on the urine pad Then remember the time of the dog's bowel movement and before the defecation (very important), and the range of expanding the fence a little ...

  3. Samoyed, three months, urinating at home, a headache! Sometimes I feel that it is convenient. I watched it to the toilet, but I did n’t pull it. As soon as I got out of the toilet, I pulled it out. It made the family feel so small, because it is still small, I do n’t want to go out to walk the dog. Later, a friend who raised dogs often told me that we need to study the rules of the bowel movements, put the dog toilet in the place where the dog wants to defecate, pad the urine pads, spray the induction agent, and the key comes. When you put the dog in the fence, the dog will definitely make trouble at first. Don't lose a lot of money. You must wait until he finish it to let him come out. After urinating, let him go out immediately, and then give him like a small snack reward and gently exaggerate him. Three or four days after repeating training, he knew what he wanted to do in the fence, and he would work hard.

  4. My Dobina Tiana (Nana) must go to the toilet to pee and urinate after drinking water every time I drink water. After dinner, I will defecate. At this time we can bring the dog back to the fence, the dog will go to the urine pad to defecate, and then we still praise the 2 snack rewards. Over time, the urine pad is a marker. Putting the urine pad can it, you are not afraid of moving, wherever the urine pad is, the dog will urinate.

  5. Since the defecation habits have been lasting for a long time, it is too familiar with the entire environment, so it is necessary to carry out environmental management of him. Observe the time of defecation, the habit of defecation. After observing, then according to the time and habits you observe, do a good job in advance, bring the dog to where you want him to defecate. If there is a bowel movement, reward him (food, touch). If it is a relatively closed laxative space, after the labage is rewarded, you can immediately put him out.

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