5 thoughts on “What are the varieties of pet dogs? How to choose?”

  1. There are many types of pet dogs, mainly divided into small dogs and medium and large dogs. Small dogs, such as Bagu, French bullfighting, poodle, Samoyed, etc. are more common. Mid -large dogs such as Chinese pastoral dogs, golden retrievers, Labrador, Husky and so on. Choosing these dogs is mainly to look at your own preferences and your needs, such as his body shape, appearance, personality, etc.
    . There are many types of small dogs and small dogs. The most common is the one I just mentioned above. Most women prefer small dogs, because they often look more cute and easier to take care of. These small dogs will have their own unique appearance, and they also come from different origin.
    . The medium and large dog medium -large dogs are mainly the above. These dogs are relatively mild, and they will not be so easy to attack people. Mid -large dogs can have the ability to look at home. If you need to guard, you can raise a few there, so that you can bring great deterrence to those thieves.
    . How to choose these dogs is mainly to choose from the characteristics of appearance, personality, and body shape. If you are afraid of noisy neighbors and have a dog that doesn't call much, then you can choose a French bullfighting dog or a Pill dog. If you want to raise a dog with a particularly energetic and high value, then you can choose Husky. If you want to choose a dog with not much aggressiveness and gentleness, then you can choose Golden Retriever. If you want a very foreign dog, then you can choose the poodle. Each dog will have their different characteristics, so it depends on you to choose.

    Meremate, remember to like follow forward.

  2. Including large dogs, medium -sized dogs, small dogs, and mini types, including Bomei, Shepherd, Satsuma, Golden Retriever, etc., choose Dharma according to preferences when choosing, you can choose Dharma, the personality is gentle, the personality is relatively milder. Essence

  3. The varieties include large and small, medium -sized, Satsuma, Shepherd, Bear, etc. You need to choose according to your preferences. If you like small dogs, you should choose Satsuma or choose a comparison. Bear.

  4. There are golden retrievers, Husky, Samoya, Bian Mu, Shiba Inu, Corgi, Bomei, Teddy, you can choose large dogs, small and medium -sized dogs. I think large dogs are better and have a sense of security.

  5. There are Alaska, Golden Retriever, Husky, Samoye and Corgi. These are the breeds of pet dogs. I think if you want to choose to be noisy, then you can choose Alaska and Husky.

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