4 thoughts on “Dogs love to fight, how can we get it peacefully with other dogs?”

  1. My pet dog likes to beat with other pet dogs very much. We can choose to strictly stop your pet dog when the dog is biting other puppies. Let the pet dog know that this is wrong matter. If the dog does not recognize the seriousness of the matter, but instead becomes worse, then we can also choose to pretend to be beating the dog. This can also let the dog know that it is wrong. angry.
    . How to make your pet dogs get along peacefully with other dogs? First of all, as the owner, you cannot be too good for other pet dogs. Generally, dogs are the same as people, and have a certain possessive desire. If the owner is good for other dogs, then your pet dog will feel When the status is shaken, you will choose to bite other puppies. In addition, we also need to strictly stop the puppy when the puppy has such behavior for the first time, letting the puppy know that this is very wrong. Also, when you travel with a dog, you must tie the dog rope, so that the dog will not let the dogs bite other puppies at will, which will cause some harm to other puppies.
    . How to make the dog's personality docile? First of all, when the dog appears to fight for the first time, the owner should stop it in time. Later, the owner should also establish some rules for the dog. To let the dog know, the owner will also be angry. When the dog does not listen to us, we can choose to ignore the dog. When the dog actively makes us coquettish with us, don't talk about it. This can also make the dog recognize the seriousness of the matter.
    . Summary. Pets also need to establish rules. Generally, when pets are small, the owner must pay attention to the various bad behaviors of the dog. Similar behaviors appear.

  2. The owner can try to bring a dog with other dogs to contact, and it can also increase the time together. You also need to touch the hair of the other dogs. Do not stop the fight. After that, you can get along peacefully.

  3. Some professional training should be performed in life, so that the dogs will have a particularly good personality and can get along peacefully. You can also make every day to play together every day.

  4. Frequently playing with other dogs, this can solve this problem well, and will not fight again after establishing feelings.

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