5 thoughts on “Give me QQ group of a few guitar beginners”

  1. It is best to spend some money to learn guitar! Fitters faster! It would be better if there was a free mentor! If you learn yourself! You will take a lot of detours! The guitar is actually possible to learn first! Intersection I started to buy a wooden guitar to play folk! Intersection Then play the electric guitar! Intersection How to say! Intersection Basically, if you play the guitar spent, the wooden guitar is prepared for the wooden guitar! Because of the first school! So the guitar does not need to buy too expensive! Intersection Because you have to practice frequently! The wooden guitar used by beginners is about 120-150 yuan! The electric guitar is about 300-450 yuan! If you buy an electric guitar! Of course you have to buy a speaker! About 200-300 yuan! There is cheap but not ideal effect! If you really play a little level, buy a effect! The effect is a must -have for playing light rock heavy metal death metal! Around 120-180 yuan!

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