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  1. 1. Determine the name of the position, the salary standard
    2, the position description: list the job content of the position,
    3, job requirements: enumerate the requirements of education, professional requirements, work experience requirements, skills, skills, skills, skills Requirements and so on.
    The example is given to you as a reference:
    Position name: Financial headhunter consultant
    Position description:
    1. Collect customer information in the target industry, analyze the requirements of customers, provide customers' having customers Value service.
    2. According to the position provided by customers, find candidates suitable for the position.
    3. Business market expansion, understand customer needs (job information), reach an entrusted recruitment agreement, and maintain good customer relationship.
    4. Maintain well communication with customers and candidates, timely obtain and accurately, and effectively convey the feedback information between the two parties.
    Position requirements:
    1. College degree or above;
    2. Over three years of work experience, IT, financial professional background knowledge is preferred; n3. Have good comprehensive quality, including: language ability, ability to judge people, good communication skills and interpersonal ability; n5. Cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, curiosity about new things, and learning.
    salary: no responsibility for basic salary (5000-8000) high commission bonus weekend break

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to publish on the company's website so that companies can help companies recruit talents and can establish a company's talent for talents. 3. Promote the country and release recruitment news on large domestic recruitment online to accept talents.nHR group recruitment SMS, you can use WeChat group to send functions to send recruiters in WeChat group.n4 You can also forward the circle of friends, and then let your friends introduce! Just write the benefits, 5. How to send recruitment information online to post recruitment information steps: 1. Click the company to log in; 2. Click to enter the management center; Fill in all the boxes, be sure to clear the requirements and treatment to be recruited;nHope to help you [Applause] [Applause]nMore 2nBleak

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