5 thoughts on “How should people who are micro -business be quickly added to the connections?”

  1. 1. Friends push each other
    The friends to push each other should be the most accurate method of adding friends. Everyone has their own circle of friends and can be pushed to friends in need.
    2. Making activities
    This activities are more. Now it is particularly popular to shake color, but I think this will only make more people hate you, which is not appropriate. You can send a message in the circle of friends, "Help me forward a message how much money is redefined", the effect is very good. It is best to give some discounts to the old customers at the same time and add friends after your screening.
    3, platform plus friends
    now many WeChat platforms have mutual pink functions, adding WeChat, but the opportunity is here, finding the appropriate WeChat business and self -pushing themselves is the key point. Essence
    4. Create your own fan group
    The can build your own fan group on Weibo and QQ groups. Make more new friends.
    5, go to other websites water stickers
    The brush circle of friends, various group hair issues should be the most difficult method. Now there are too many advertisements. Everyone generally chooses to automatically filter, which can be measured and performed
    6, group sending its own WeChat group and friends
    The current WeChat is the work group, the owner group, the single swipe group or other groups, can be sent to the group to promote, plus friends in the group.

  2. I see some younger brothers and sisters on the street. I will send it freely on the street with a small gift. As long as you sweep and add a friend, you can send you a balloon or a beautiful hairpin. There are also children's small toys, which are not very expensive, but the effect is very good, because my son likes the big white rabbit balloon, I swept a friend!

  3. If you want to add the connections quickly, I think I can only open the people nearby, then add it. In addition, I can share one of these products, participate in some communities, add more WeChat groups, so If you can add faster to more people

  4. I think you can let the friends around you help you promote it, send your contact information into various groups, and then many people will add it, so that you can get a lot of connections, or when you go out to participate in what wine club , Give many people in their business cards, they will understand you, and then add WeChat, so that they can expand their connections

  5. I think that people who are WeChat, their connections are first introduced through their friends, so you can also find some people with these needs through your friends, so as to add their WeChat Friends introduce, slowly the connections will become more

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