1 thought on “2022 full -year game masterpieces recommendation”

  1. 1. "Light 2": Open the world's sudden zombie games that have been jumped twice. This time the official strongly stated that he would never jump. The tentative release time is February 5, 2022. At that time, it will be launched on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and other platforms. Its pricing is: 299 yuan for the basic version, 399 yuan luxury version, and the ultimate version of 499 yuan.

    2. "Avatar: Pandora Border": Everyone has seen Avatar movies, and it is very clear about the plot. Therefore, although this game happened on Pandora planet, it did not fully produce in the movie plot exactly It can be said to be another part of Pandora's new ball. The game publisher Ubisoft uses a new Snowdrop engine to build, so the requirements for the host are quite high. It is expected to be released on multiple platforms in 2022.

    3. "Horizon 2: Western Forbidden Area": ​​This time continued the plot of the previous generation. The creatures also added underwater adventures. The release time is February 18, the platform logged in only PS4 and PS5. The sale price is as follows. PS4 version price is: HK $ 468 (about RMB 381), PS5 version price is: HK $ 568 (about RMB 462). The price of the digital luxury version is: 628 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 511);

    . "God of War: Dusk of the Gods": "God of War: All of the God of War: All of the Gods: All of the Gods: "Dusk" is the orthodox sequel of "God of War 4", or the old PS monopoly for one year. By the way, "God of War 4" was released on the PC side on January 15.

    5. "Angel Witch 3": The young lady with a very high value play monsters in Japan. The game will log in to the NS platform to pre -sale in 2022.

    6. "Rainbow 6: Alien": January 20 will be launched on multiple platforms. It was changed to PVE, and the price of the heterogeneity was: 198 yuan.

    7. "Alden Law Ring": February 26th will be launched on multiple platforms. The standard version price is: 298, luxury version 398. This game is a dark fantasy action role -playing game released by Merchant Bandai Nanmeng Entertainment. The game does not have a specific game protagonist. Players can determine the role of the game. Players can use different skills and weapons to combine single -brush plots, or they can also play together.

    8. "The Legend of Zelda: Interest of Wilderness 2": It is estimated that new pre -sale will be sold in 2022. So far I can still brush a large number of videos of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on various platforms. I am looking forward to the performance of the Wildness 2, because the Wildness 2 has no more news except the offering of the release time.

    9. "Sneak 2: The Heart of Chel Nobel": It will be released on April 28, 2022. The game combines the unique gameplay of FPS, terror and immersive simulation games. The story plot is multi -line, and there are different story endings.

    10. "Ghost Line: Tokyo": It is expected to be released in January 2022. The story tells that the population of Tokyo's population is suddenly inexplicably decreasing, and a large number of people have disappeared mysteriously. Players will control the protagonist of the mysterious power to purify the demons hidden in the city and reveal the huge conspiracy behind them. The role played by the player is very similar to a first -person Taoist priest, and then eliminates various monsters.

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