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  1. CNC is the abbreviation of digital control, which refers to the use of digital information to control the mechanical movement and processing process. There are two versions of CNC, NC (NUMERICAL Control): representing the old version of the original CNC technology. CNC (NUMERICAL Control): Computer CNC technology, the preferred abbreviation form of CNC. After the 1970s, computers gradually replaced the hardware circuit components and called computer CNC systems. Generally, dedicated computers and interface circuits were used to achieve control of multiple CNC device movements. Therefore, the current CNC generally refers to CNC (computer CNC).
    The application field:
    1. Manufacturing industry
    The mechanical manufacturing industry is the earliest application of CNC technology. It is responsible for providing advanced equipment for various industries of the national economy. It should focus on the development and development of high -performance three -axis and five -axis high -speed vertical processing centers used by modern military equipment, five -coordinate processing center, large five -coordinate dragon door milling, etc.; CNC machine tools and high -speed machining centers, as well as welding, assembly, paint robots, laser welding machines and laser cutting machines; aviation, ships, power generation industries processing propeller, engine, generator, and water turbine leaves for high -speed five -coordinate processing center , Heavy car and milling composite processing center.
    2, the information industry
    In the information industry, equipment from computers to network, mobile communication, telephone, remote control, remote control and other equipment, all need to use super -fine technology and nanotechnology manufacturing equipment, such as chip manufacturing lead key The controller, chip bonding machine and light carvings, etc., the control of these equipment requires CNC technology.
    3, the medical equipment industry
    In the medical industry, many modern medical diagnosis and treatment equipment use CNCL, such as CT diagnostic instrument, system knife treatment machine, and visual -guided minimally invasive surgical robot, etc. Essence
    4. Military equipment
    The modern military equipment, a large number of servo movement control technology, such as the automatic aiming control of artillery, the tracking control of radar, and the automatic tracking control of the missile.
    5, other industries
    In the light industry industry, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, and woodworking machinery with multi -axis servo control (up to 50 motion axes) are used CNC water knife cutting machine for stone processing; CNC glass carving machines for glass processing; CNC seams used for Xi Mengsi processing, and CNC embroidery machines for clothing processing.
    advantages, disadvantages:
    (1) CNC processing has the following advantages:
    1. A large number of parts of the workpiece, complicated processing parts do not require complicated workflow. If you want to change the shape and size of the parts, you only need to modify the parts processing procedure, which is suitable for the development and modification of new products.
    2, the processing quality is stable, the processing accuracy is high, and the accuracy of the repeated accuracy is high, and the processing requirements of the aircraft are adapted to the aircraft.
    3, multi -varieties, small batch production efficiency, high production efficiency, can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the optimal cutting amount.
    4, the complex surface that is difficult to process is difficult to process, and can even be processed some irreplaceable processing parts.
    (2) The disadvantage of CNC machining is that the cost of machine tool equipment is expensive, and maintenance personnel are required to have a high level.

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