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  1. You can take a look at
    1mirdefg outer rearview mirrors
    6t/sig parking/empty gear and reversing light switch, turning signal light flicker
    7ebtcm/TPS electronic braking and gravitational control module, the throttle position sensor interface module
    8rapwpr component central (RAP wiper) relay
    9radio audio receiver
    10wiper wind wiper/cleaning device switch
    11i/pindc airbag diagnostic module (with sensor), combined instrument
    12lcign1 automatic horizontal control sensor
    13chime alert, cruise control release switch, internal rearview mirror, rear window removal relay, catalytic converter, temperature Alert (only for Japan)
    14ccmign1 central control module
    15airbag airbag module (with sensor)
    16Gen engine electrical generator, secondary generator cooling fan relay
    17Memseat seat regulator Storage module, heating driver's seat control module, heating passenger seat control module
    18ccmign3 central control module (remote control door lock receiver and anti -theft module
    19rappwr auxiliary delay cutting relay
    20A/CCOMPA/ C compressor relay, main engine cooling fan relay
    21rapbatt component central (RAP wiper) relay
    22HVACMDL fan motor control module
    23trkrel rear ventricle
    24starter anti -theft relay, airbag diagnosis (with with with with Sensor) module
    25HVACIGN combination instrument, a fan of the fan motor control module
    26lcsens automatic horizontal control sensor, rear room polite light
    27d/intLTS component central relay
    28frtcig Igniter
    30EBTCM electronic braking and traction control module
    31parklts front light wire bundle relay
    32Horn speaker relay
    33HVACBAT warning, heater -A/C control, combined instrument control, engine oil level indicator control controller control Module, headlight switch, audio receiver
    34ccmbat center control module
    35pwrmir door lock switch, external mirror, electric seat back control
    36trkpdwn rear room lid device
    danger The warning light flicker
    38 does not use
    39pwrlump electric seat gas dynamic control module, audio electric antenna relay
    40htdseat heating driver seat control module, heating passenger seat control module n combination instrument meter, Sound control, corner lights, steering signal switch, front parking light
    42i/PDI MLTS headlight switch, car inside lights, light
    43tailTs rear taillights, rear side shows wide lights, license plate lights
    44Stoplts brake light switch
    45pwrlk door lock relay n extension reading: [insurance] How to buy, which one is good, teach you to avoid insurance of insurance these "pits"

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