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  1. There are many ways and channels for publicity. How can we achieve the best results with the most money -saving way? Let me tell you!n1. The current misunderstanding of the brand promotion of the building materials industryn1. As long as there is an advertisement, it will be effectiven"As long as there is an advertisement, it will be effective!" This sentence is very effective for many industries. However The industry that everyone is concerned about is actually the "cold attention" industry. Why do you say that? First of all, when you look at the house on the surface, everyone is concerned. According to the saying that the building materials home, as a supporting industry, should also receive high attention. In fact, you carefully ask your friends around you (except the building materials home peers). There are big brands such as bathroom, door, cabinets, furniture, etc. I estimate that there are not many people who can know. But you ask any friends around you, the majority of consumers can tell you very accurately. The difference is obvious, this is the best manifestation of market attention.n2. Diverse advertising forms -sea, land and air all -round advertisingnThere are many building materials home merchants ambitious. Advertising is more fierce than mobile and telecommunications such as mobile and telecommunications. Any form of advertising is not let go. To any corner building at the customer's house, TV, newspapers, buses, buildings and television, etc. As long as the salesperson of the media company does not invest. It belongs to the investment of "shooting head", found that the effect of advertising was not obvious afterwards, the product sales did not increase, and finally dragged away most of the sales profits by advertising. After a year of hard work, they were handed over to the advertising company. Former President once had a classic saying: if you do n’t do the president, you will advertise! Advertising is pervasive. If advertisers want to put money from your pocket to his pocket, there will be countless ways and methods, so all -round advertising investment will eventually pay for your "fever".n3. There is no plan for advertising investmentn4. Invoving advertising regardless of industry characteristicsnAs mentioned earlier, the building materials home industry is a "cold concern" industry, even if it is not because of the industry's characteristics advertising investment is not casual. Take a simple example: How many billboards do you have from home to the store every day? Can you remember how many advertisements do? How many brands do you pay attention to? It is said that many businesses here will ask: According to your meaning, there is no need to invest outdoor advertisements in the building materials and home furnishing industry? The answer is: wrong, outdoor advertisement is to be voted, but there is a prerequisite, either does not vote, and it is hard to cast. The best position, the best attention to the billboard. What about the price? Powerful merchants can consider that those who are almost capable are honest, let's promote it in the community.nSummary: The above points are some analysis of advertising and brand promotion of the building materials and home industry. Of course, there are still a lot of waste. It will follow the current, and the profits that have been earned hard, but you are unknowingly "sent" to others.nHow to change the above problems is very simple! Looking for a professional brand marketing planning agency, they can bring you more than just advertising and design. Maybe a creativity can enhance the brand's popularity. Maybe a promotion can allow you to complete the annual sales business. The energy cannot be expressed in words, just like CCTV's classic advertising words: how big the heart is, how big the stage is! Advertising may bring you "four or two pounds", or it may be "no longer." It takes your vision to find a professional advertising company! Intersection Intersection So what can a professional advertising company bring you?nAdvantages of brand promotion agency 1. Systematic management advertising feenProfessional brand promotion or marketing planning companies will make detailed analysis in advertising. What advertisements are effective for merchants and what is invalid promotion. It can be systematically managed by data. Save the money is closely linked! "At the same time, professional brand promotion agencies will also divide the various advertising methods such as TV, newspapers, SMS, magazines, outdoor advertisements, etc. through system data analysis. The division of advertising is to maximize the real effect.n2. Professional planning suitable for promotion methodsnProfessional brand promotion agencies can study brand culture and market positioning in depth, and can plan a suitable promotion plan based on the brand's demands and seasonal changes. It not only enhances the brand awareness, but also increases the sales of brand products through professional activity planning cases. Increase market share.n3. The annual promotion plan made according to the brandnAt the same time, it can also provide merchants with annual marketing promotion plans. Merchants can have sufficient time for the task layout of promotional promotion to promote promotional activities to realize the promotional activity. As the saying goes: do not fight without preparation! The planning company provides a full -year marketing planning plan at the beginning of the year. Merchants can prepare with sufficient time before the event. Not only can they not only discover their own shortcomings in advance, but also avoid the loss of customers due to losses due to hasty.n4. Professional sales guidance and trainingnAt the same time, the planning company can make a professional marketing manual for products and markets, so that market sales personnel can uniformly sell their caliber and unified process for market sales, avoiding the embarrassing situation of the company's loss of the market due to the loss of some business personnel. At the same time, it can also create an enterprise's image and reputation, so that brand culture can truly communicate with customers.n5. Planning to invest advertisementsnProfessional planning companies can determine advertising investment fees based on the sales volume of merchants. At the same time, through professional analysis, they can invest in advertising with planned plans. The proportion of funds invested by the advertising media and the proportion of advertising costs based on the sales season, which truly allows brands to appear on time and pay attention to customers when the customer needs most.n6. Large -scale operation, reduce advertising costsnProfessional planning companies can help companies reduce burdens. The merchant fully supports professional designers or planning, and pays the salary of the staff. If there is no designer or planner who needs to do activities, they will temporarily find an advertising company for planning. It is difficult to meet the requirements of the merchant plan or work. At the same time, the merchant does not have time to wait for the advertising company to carefully consider the plan. The propaganda promotion and advertising investment of the hastily. This effect is obvious. If a professional planning company is implemented, it is equivalent to your planning department, because the previous planning company has conducted in -depth understanding of the brand, analyzing market analysis, and psychological research on customers. plan.nAt the same time, professional planning companies have cooperated with production companies for a long time. Various production costs must have an advantage over merchants, and the quality can be guaranteed. Merchants can not only save money but also get high -quality production.n2. Cooperation form and requirementsn1. Cooperation formnThe planning company as a business planning and execution of operators throughout the year, providing professional advertising and planning plans for merchants according to market demand. Merchants can also require the planning company to provide feasible marketing planning cases based on brand advantages.n2. Business budget for advertising in the annual budget. The planning company charges operating costs 10-15%of the annual advertising costs of merchants. The remaining cost planning companies will formulate professional advertising investment plans according to the characteristics of the merchant's products.

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