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  1. Three major points:
    1. Put the goods;
    2. Take the amount;
    3. Chain.
    The shop
    The drug sales, whether you are a large manufacturer or a small manufacturer, whether it is a common medicine or a patent medicine, etc. The first is to pave the goods. Only when pharmacies, clinics, and hygiene products are available, consumers will buy it. Put of goods is not as simple as imagined, but it is not as difficult as imagined. As long as you find the trick, it is actually very simple.
    It you have to know your goal, is it planning to be a clinic or a pharmacy. If you are a clinic, you must tell your product with your doctor. The clinic is basically a place that pays special attention to the efficacy, so you must explain the corresponding diseases and efficacy of the product. Then it is profit! No one who has no profit will do it. You do n’t want to do how much money your product can make the clinic. You must compare other similar products. Here is an analogy, for example, your cold medicine needs 15 yuan to cure the disease. The clinic or pharmacy may earn about 5 yuan, and you think the profit may arrive. But this is not the case. Doctors can prescribe 2 yuan of medicine. He earns 1 yuan and then uses medicines such as anti -inflammatory drugs and antipyretics to sell more than 20 and then earns more than ten dollars. Therefore, you must position your product well, adjust the profit point of the doctor's doctor, and even some products give up your profits point. So as to achieve the purpose of the clinic paving.
    Then there is a pharmacy shop. This slightly formal or chain pharmacy is basically as long as your manufacturer is formal, and the drug has a profit point pharmacy. The point is relatively high, so you do n’t talk about it. As long as your medicine is the needs of consumers, he will enter. It is recommended that non -large cities start from the clinic. Some consumers go to the pharmacy to find your medicine, and the owner of the pharmacy will naturally enter.
    This volume
    It will only cause sales if you do n’t sell it after the shop, and then the pharmacy and the clinic will see you walk around you in the future. So find a way to help them go! As a result, continue to enter your goods.
    If first talk about the clinic. The normal situation of the clinic is directly prescribed, so as long as you have a good relationship with the doctor, a large or working doctor can provide a return point. Effect. The previous example said that combined medication. However, if you make 10 yuan in combination, then the medicine will make 10 yuan alone. The doctor also saved his tongue, saved other medicines for pressure, and so on, he will naturally sell your medicine.
    then pharmacies. Generally, pharmacies will have activities, members, and so on. So selling is a big link. I won't talk about it here, because this is based on local conditions and need to be accumulated and understood by myself. Pharmacy is generally sold by salespersons, and most salespersons will have commission. So this is the most important point in pharmacies! Then there is to understand the procedures for the exit of the pharmacy. For example, some pharmacy salespersons sell Omeprazole and apply for 50 boxes with the warehouse, but maybe the warehouse does not give you your product, although you made a commission for the salesperson, but there is no way to do not have your product. So be sure to understand the outbound procedures of the pharmacy. Maybe you would say that if everyone else also made a commission of a salesperson? This is to see the third sentence in the clinic, the relationship! Only the customer situation is the most important.
    Why do you want to take it out and say it alone, and he actually has nothing to say, but it is just because of his particularity. The drugs of the chain pharmacy are provided by the headquarters. Each pharmacy is only responsible for selling. At this time, if you want to increase sales, you need to do a lot of publicity in the place where the chain covers. He is closely related. If you want to chain, you can't go to each pharmacy, so you can only start with consumers and headquarters. This depends on personal reasoning.

  2. In fact, your situation is common in life, so don't be too inferior. If it is important to run your business yourself, then you have only two choices, or you have to exercise your own face (your saying, in fact, this is two different ways to communicate), or give up your current accessories store. %D%A is afraid of giving up, but if you do n’t have any competitive advantage in the local industry, giving up also means a new beginning, it is an opportunity. Of course, it is your personal problem because of escape. As long as you do not correct it a day, then you will always encounter this problem. %D%A In fact, running business is like eating and sleeping every day. It is a thing that cannot be ordinary. People are group animals, and business is a group behavior. This is not the kind of hard sales. Some efforts are respected, why don't you try it? %D%A business cannot be discussed. It is quite normal. If anyone's business is 100%successful, then he is not a fairy? If you fail, what you should do is to continue to develop your business, not blushing, lost face, survival is not a joke, developing and becoming a superior is not a joke, do you actually feel embarrassed? %D%A, you said, you want to run your business too, this is the beginning, and then you should consider what the next step is, see clearly, do it, and consider that you ca n’t consider too long! Every time I feel free to accommodate, think about other things, happy things, and then continue to find. However, it should be noted that don't anger others because of your indifference, don't complain, buy and sell will not be benevolent, at least let him remember you. %D%A As for the details of contact with people, I don't talk about the brothers. This requires my own perception. How do I feel? You said something wrong and affected this business, then you will definitely not say it next time, Hoho ~ People, who taught themselves to grow up, and use the experience and habits of anyone Inappropriate, because the environment, people, and things you want to face are very different. You have to use some basic skills to do things flexibly into life, and it is OK! %D%A, even if this, your business has not yet improved, but as a person, a boss, you do what you should do. This is the right thing. Essence Looking back, maybe those "Philosophy of Life" that can sell dozens of dollars, you can learn it yourself without spending too much money. This is also a harvest! %D%A is so much. The most needed way of operation is the intention, non -intention, and cannot be achieved. Do what you should do, let him go with the wind! %D%A, no matter what business it is, you must do it with your heart.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer suggest 1: First understand the core business, be familiar with the products to be sold, familiar with the route, clear the location of the pharmacy, and the recent bus station, how many bus passes here, there must be records, so as not to go to the pharmacy pharmacy next time I don't know the specific location. Suggestion 2: Make more friends. Many professional managers and owners of individual shops in many chain pharmacies will communicate. When the relationship between the pharmacy manager is better, the other party can recommend some good pharmacies, which is good for developing customers. Suggestion 3: You can join these groups to get related resources through the local pharmaceutical supervision bureau website, local sales representative QQ group, pharmacy QQ group, WeChat group, etc. Or use maps and so on to search nearby pharmacies after you reach a certain area. Suggestion 4: Be sure to maintain a good mentality, overcome the inner fear, and take the initiative to attack. The customer has nothing to do with you. You sell the product to him, and he may become your lifelong friend! So regardless of his three seven twenty -one, the customer is not yours anyway. He boldly says your requirements and does not accept it. The customer is not the same as before. After accepting it, you have one more customer. Why not.

  4. Powding, taking volume, chain.
    The drug sales, whether you are a large manufacturer or a small manufacturer, or a patent or proprietary medicine, etc., or even medical equipment. The first is to pave the goods. Only when pharmacies, clinics, and hygiene products are available, consumers will buy it. The drug business must first understand the medication of each hospital. What medicine is currently needed, what diseases appear more during that season. The treatment effect of those drugs is good. I know the market. I have the goal to find the receiver. You can better develop your business, and bring your valid documents at any time. As long as the demand parties need to sign the contract immediately.
    Minic drugs are provided by the headquarters. Each pharmacy is only responsible for selling. At this time, if you want to increase sales, you need to do a lot of publicity in the place where the chain is covered. Walking is closely related to him.

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