1 thought on “What are the group names that are mainly singing?”

  1. The group names based on singing are as follows:

    1, sound is the dream
    2, Songcai Feiyang
    3, Qingcheng Misaku
    4, Vietnam Sing more exciting
    5 , Youth Cultivation Handbook
    6, the sound of you and the wonderful
    7, singing listening
    8, the meeting is the song
    9, push the heart
    10, just like the first encounter
    11, Take care of you Gao Ge
    12, life is always running
    13, everything is good
    14, Wu Shengping.com
    15, like Qingfeng
    16, love chat and do not talk group
    17, Sing Friends Club
    18, artillery bar
    19, singing a good group of people
    20, legendary band
    21, Wanan music
    22, Voice of Wan Yan
    23 The sound of the heavens

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