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  1. If you want to do housekeeping, you must learn related knowledge.
    Wen housekeeping now refers to housekeeping services, including: Yuexun, nanny, cleaning, care, hourly workers, family relocation services, etc. So there are still many knowledge to master.
    The monthly 例 as an example, the following points are required:
    1. Learn the skills of the moon first.
    If you want to open the situation, you must learn your skills first. Because Yueyue is now a relatively new profession, and this profession needs professional knowledge and skills.
    2, go to the post for a month.
    It month, like other occupations, you need to get a job certificate. You must have a job certificate to dare to use you. Because they don't know each other, they look at the job certificate.
    3, must have the spirit of dedication.
    The monthly responsibility. Now people attach great importance to their children's maintenance, so they have the industry in Yuezhang. Being a month must be responsible, and he must be able to take it alone. It is your responsibility to take good care of your baby. It is also your responsibility to take good care of the mother. As long as you enter the housekeeping service industry, you must have the professionalism.
    Mi -monthly lack of lack of people in the world. They talked about the employer's house and talked to the husband to say the wife’s fault, and to the daughter -in -law's fault, which led to the disagreement of the family. This is a big taboo. Essence
    5, continue to learn and get more certificates.
    Mun -monthly is also divided into grades. When you adapt to work, you still have to continue his studies when you have time, and get more certificates, such as confinement meal, postpartum recovery, pediatric massage, and so on. Any job is endless. As a month, you must learn more.

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