2 thoughts on “How to contact the anchor to bring the goods?”

  1. I. Personal anchor
    The high -quality anchor is a personal anchor on Douyin and Hurrying on the live broadcast. They did not sign the company, there were relatively fixed fan groups, and fans were loyal. Such a personal anchor can contact them through their personal Weibo, self -media number and contact information left.
    . MCN institutions
    . Most of the net red anchors at the head signed a contract with MCN institutions, which can provide more creativity for the content output of the net red anchor and maintain the popularity of the anchor. Such institutions have advantages and disadvantages, which is that the traffic is relatively stable, and the disadvantage is that there is a problem of fake traffic and contract routines.
    . Channel supply companies
    Channel supply companies, do channel outsourcing and channel marketing planning. The online and offline resources of contact are very rich, and there can also be Internet celebrity anchor resources. The Internet celebrity anchor provided by the channel supply company has been screened, and the traffic is more real.

  2. Finding business contact information from the anchor's live room, generally there will be

    The anchor to look at, mainly depends on your products.

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