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  1. Solid income generally refers to the income of fixed income, which is the income paid by the pre -specified ratio. If most bonds and preferred stocks must stipulate a fixed interest rate and dividend rate, such securities are also collectively referred to as fixed income securities. After investing, bonds generally cannot be redeemed in advance before expiration, and can only be transferred in the market, thereby ensuring the stability of the funds raised.
    Is when investing in bonds with fixed income bonds, investors will not worry about their income will be affected. Investors' returns are often adversely affected. "Solid income " is actually an investment strategy, consisting of two parts, including "solidaries" and " " investment strategies. The "solid income" part accounts for 70%, which is the part of the fixed income to ensure the income of the income to ensure the income. The stability of stability is mainly invested in investment varieties with stable income and low risk factor in bonds. The " " part accounts for 30%, which is mainly used to increase the income. Stocks. The combination of "solidarity " is used under the premise of balanced risk. Due to the characteristics of income and risk, it is loved by many institutions and investors. Come and more.
    "Solid Harvest " product characteristics and advantages "Solid Harvest " products will invest most of the assets in the fixed income part. Mixed products. It has some characteristics. First, the short -term performance ranking does not dominate, and cannot rely on performance rankings to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Compared with short -term wealth management and currency products, it is generally higher. Third, the retracement of the product is generally controlled within 5%, and the volatility is small. Fourth, the stock position is relatively stable, and most of the bottom warehouses are stable and high -quality stocks. Based on the based on. The above characteristics, it is not difficult to see that the advantages of "solidarity " products are also obvious. Its ability to control the retracement is relatively strong, that is, smaller fluctuations, which can bring better investment experience to investors. The market, the stock market and the bond market are still relatively rare, which can balance each other, achieve the purpose of decentralized investment, and can be retired and retreated. The way to make up for the shortcomings of stock funds and pure debt funds, and play a good role in a good balance.
    of course, the "solid income " fund products do not mean that there is no risk, and there is also the possibility of losses. Although the allocation of equity assets has played a thickened benefit, it also enlarges the risk, and it is also the possibility of losses when the bond market is greatly adjusted. Which type of investors are suitable for fund products? Due to the characteristics of the "solid income " fund products, compared to the following three types of people: First, the high risk of dislikes high risk, but hopes to obtain a certain income. Second, pay attention to the benefits of long -term investment, and do not care much about performance in the short term. Third, pay attention to assets.

  2. "Solid Harvest " is equivalent to making a improvement and upgrading of the solidaries. This " " refers to increase income. For example, 70%of the fund assets are invested in bonds, obtained fixed income, and the remaining 30%invest in stocks. , Equity assets such as convertible bonds, obtain high risk returns.

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