Seeking a reliable postgraduate entrance examination exchange group of the Geographical Information System of China University of Mining (Beijing)? Intersection Intersection

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  1. Only the key points:
    The reliable Chinese mining industry (Beijing) geographical information system professional postgraduate exchange group,
    can ask the school graduate school.
    The explanation of the school's statement is the most authoritative.

  2. You can go to QQ to find it, but you can have the postgraduate school group.
    Generally there is no professional postgraduate entrance examination group. You can find it on QQ. Mr. Yan's
    In looking for it, maybe there will be gains.

    In the postgraduate entrance examination last year, English is 80 points, I only reported an online lesson in English, and the others were all studying by my own way. Talking about the basic situation, the English foundation is average, but it is not very bad. The college four is simply prepared, and the question type is similar to the naked test. Level 6 is prepared a month in advance. I have seriously memorizing words to do real questions. Just after 500 points, it is not very good.

    early March, I bought a star fire word, but until I did not complete it before the exam, because I didn't like to memorize the words boringly. So I gave up decisively. The words on the official website of the Tiandao postgraduate entrance examination on the mobile phone recite 100 every day, and then recite today's one day the day before reviewing today. When I usually walk on the road, I listen to words and listen to example sentences. By early July, the word completed the first round of recitation. In the second round, use the official website of Tiandao Postgraduate to test your vocabulary.

    7 July, I started to enter the real English question. The online course I bought to send the electronic version of the real questions over the years. One month in July, I did it completely in the reading part of the 10 -year real question.

    The specific plan every day is as follows: Make two reading (30-35 minutes), and then not in a hurry to answer the answer. Looking back, the words that I know but do not remember, and the words that do not know are marked, and then they are found out and copied them in the notebook. Turn back the sentences one by one, copy the difficult sentences, analyze the grammar and sentence structure, and try to translate. Finally, read the article and do the topic again. After completing these four times, the answer is correct. If there are still wrong questions, look at the answer analysis, and then find the corresponding position of the wrong question to find the position of the article.

    So generally read a round of reading 4-5 times. This process is generally about 4 hours. Therefore, it is usually 6pm to 10 pm. Then spend about 2 hours the next morning, read the words and sentences copied the day before, the memories are firm, and the memory is firm and regularly consolidated.

    -8 months of review. In September, I started to do real questions for the second time. At this stage, the section is first filled in the blanks of

    . Because this stage mainly examines the knowledge of logic, vocabulary, etc., the early accumulation came in handy. I listened to the lesson of Sister Yingyu three times. After listening to it, I took notes and then consolidated it myself. I used it in the reading during the practice to improve the accuracy rate.

    The fill in the blank one day. I do one day. I first fill in the end of the lecture and listen to the fish sister. The vague words are copied on the notebook. Thirdly dredge the sentence by sentence, copy the long -term sentences on the notebook to analyze the structure and grammar, and translate it. Then do it again. After that, you can figure out all the reasons for all errors and summarize. Therefore, the finishing type is generally 4-5 times. Of course, words and phrases and sentences the next day must be memorized.

    It is the new question type. The new question type is mainly to pay attention to logic, especially connection and matching. Pay attention to pronouns, especially referred to as pronouns and main pronouns, etc., and pay attention to the echo of the front and rearings. I usually do it 4 times in the new question type. First read the options, mark important vocabulary, such as pronouns, central words, etc., and then read the article. When you read, you can try to select according to the option. After the answer, look back for the third time to determine the text of the article and the options of the article. The fourth time, after understanding the article, copy the words that I don't know in the article, and copy the difficult sentences to analyze, translate, etc. The practice is the same as reading and finishing.

    then translation. Because the translation is considering the time of time in the exam, when I do it again, I do not read the full text. Instead, I read the sentence first. , And then adjust. After this is completed, read the full text to determine whether the translation is accurate again. Then combine the answer to modify the translated sentence. After that, the study of words and sentences read, finished, and new. Because when doing real questions, the analysis and translation of long and difficult sentences are already undergoing translation exercises, so the translation does not learn extra learning. This stage lasted until mid -October.

    Then start the second round of reading. Because of the accumulation of the early stage, it is not very difficult to do this time. The key is to check the understanding of vocabulary and sentences. However, because the time interval is not long, there will be an impression of the answer, so I will repeat errors in some wrong questions, and this is precisely an opportunity to exercise and understand the ability. Read the article and re -understand the questions and answers. After missing this time, the third or four times basically had no mistake.

    is repetition of all parts outside the composition. A total of 4 rounds were carried out before and after English reading, and the other parts were 3 rounds, which lasted until early December. During this period, what I have always insisted on being copied by the previous notebook and long and unpleasant sentences, a total of two notebooks, one thick and thin, and I was rolled out by me. Then carry the core word that Sister Yu said at the lecture. The specific number of words can no longer be remembered.

    The last most important thing is the composition. In the early stage of the composition, I did not make much preparations. During the summer vacation, I figured out the differences between the big composition and the small composition. I preliminarily prepared some basic templates and words and sentences. The end of November began to listen to Sister Yu's composition sprint class, which was very helpful. In December, when I heard the composition class of Sister Yu, I found the direction of the composition preparation, and combined with the sentence he gave, I wrote 6 or 7 compositions. Each article is familiar with the back. When in the examination room, the prepared keywords are replaced with the keywords in the picture, and the other parts basically do not replace much. So if the composition is ready, it can be used to save time. It should be noted that you must prepare the vocabulary of some composition centers in advance.

    tips: English exams to do questions (personal methods): Composition -reading -new question type -finished -translation.
    The first stage: early March -early July: the first round of the word (Tiandao postgraduate);
    The topic is thorough, read back; composition courses.
    The third stage: September -mid -October: The first round of the real question, the new question type, and the first round of translation are the same as above.
    The stage of fourth stage: late October -12th: Except for the two or three rounds except the composition part, the core words are once.
    The fifth stage: early December -before the test: the core vocabulary preparation and writing, recitation of the composition, the core word second.

    This is the entire review method and time arrangement at that time. When I checked the score, English was 80 points. I probably speculated that it should be the wrong reading, and the other parts of the other parts deducted some scores. However, everyone's learning methods are different. I get peace and grades by relying on my solid study. I hope you can.

    It is that the mentality is very important. In the process of preparing for the exam, the words cannot be remembered. The topic is always wrong. It is normal, because this is a process of continuous absorption and progress. When the review reaches a certain stage, the natural results will gradually improve. Then I wish you the greatest harvest in the most important test.

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