If you want to find a tower hanging driver in Guiyang, can your peers introduce the QQ tower crane group of Guiyang?

My girlfriend is from Guiyang. I love my girlfriend and want to work with her in a city.

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    One point of suggestions: I am very happy to share my 7 -year work experience and let you take less detours

    first to find the prospect of your job online. Some industries are still good

    In no matter what industry, as long as you work hard to do it, there are basically returns

    , Prepare in advance

    The work in cities with many acquaintances, friends and relatives as much as possible. If you are tired, you can talk to friends and relatives to talk about

    It ’s all transformed. You can pay attention to the CCTV Economic Channel

    It, because sometimes others think that your education is low and lack of experience. Bar !!!

    1. Try to avoid the urban area as much as possible in the work location. The competition in the urban area is fierce
    2. Choose a manufacturing enterprise, the requirements for manufacturing companies will not be too required to have academic qualifications too much. Delivery
    3. Choose small and medium -sized enterprises. Large enterprises have high qualifications and strict
    4. Learning and studying. Regardless of job or not, read more books related to work and enrich themselves.
    5. The process of finding a job is actually the process of learning. You can review your shortcomings and make up for it in time.
    6. Everyone is a talent, believes in themselves, and be patient.
    7, at the same time, small and medium -sized enterprises can give you more opportunities for practical exercise.

    : How to find a job to prevent fraud

    1, go to the local formal talent market, do not believe the so -called roadside information
    2, on regular online Invoicing the resume, let alone the information that some companies are unclear
    3. If you receive the requirements of the other side, you should first analyze the situation of the other party's company
    4. The place you want
    5, do not believe the recruitment information on the roadside, some are brought you to a place with few people to extort

    : The other party calls to analyze the comprehensive factors

    1. Comparison -according to the recruitment revelation requirements, list its own situation: meet, basically meet, and inconsistent.
    2. Analysis -Analysis and research on the status of the unit, industry situation, competition, and other situations you are preparing to apply for, and understand relevant information.
    3, resume -In addition to the requirements of the public, personal resumes will have good effects if they can vary from person to person and ingenious resume design. "Resume (collect your own article together)
    5, manuscript list- (copy of the manuscript fee for publishing works) Resume
    6, works -resume (bring your hungry work" video "" ) (Record personal situation, work performance and other forms).

    Third: Introduction of self -introduction

    1. Recommended -In the shortest time, I will introduce themselves in the simplest and appropriate language.
    2, self -confidence -don't ask "recruit a few", believe that you are the only suitable candidate, but don't be blind.
    3, instrument -Personal instrument should make the corresponding "packaging" according to the application position, which can also bring confidence to yourself.
    4, record -prepare pen and paper, write the location, route and responsible person, profile, view, etc.
    5. Preparation -Prepare countermeasures for the common problems of interviews. If you want to leave the original position, what advantages and disadvantages do you have
    6, what are your most prominent results, your job is your work, your work What is the goal
    7, before -what does the company's boss, managers, employees think
    8, the company — how much, what requirements, which position I hope to get
    9, right to this- Position ideas and salary requirements.

    Fourth: How to apply for interviews

    1, time -time -arrive in advance at the time of appointment, and make some re -preparations before applying.
    2, interview -standing hands and shaking hands, moderate strength; easy smile, direct look at the examiner
    3, dialogue -communication, right to enjoy; ask questions, keep up with the idea,
    4, answer -question , Flexible and sincere; at the end, don't forget to thank; get a business card and strengthen contact.
    5, focus -try to grasp the focus of communication within a valid time: the main points of the position.
    6. Feeling -After the interview, no matter what the result, you must write down your feelings, experience once, and improve.
    7, taboos -not confident, not serious, dishonesty, find acquaintances, treat them heavy treatment, and ask about it.

    Fess fifth: You need to pay attention to the cautious things

    1. If the other company is a small company, there are not a few people, let you pay the deposit, clothing fee and so on, etc. Nothing to pay
    2, you haven't earned money yet, it must be a scammer to pay him first. When you go to the interview, remember to observe how carefully
    3. Check online whether to register online, even if you register, you can't say that it is a regular company
    4, and search for their "company name scammers" online to see a lot of negative information. If you have more, be careful r
    5. However, there are some situations. Large companies may pay some clothing fees (that is, one or two hundred dollars). System
    7, but you should understand the company's approximate process during the probation period.

    The post -words given to you: I used to go for job hunting, but now I grew up
    Is you can find the job you want, everyone is running outside for life. It's not easy
    . Although it may not solve your actual problems, I am still very happy to answer you
    your adoption and praise are my biggest motivation. The road is happy.

    Is to get better and better, new year, good intentions, thoughtfulness, good health, family joy

    ———————————————————————————————— —— Finally, I wish you a smooth job, work smoothly, and happy life ———————————

    ————————————————— Please click the answer Give a praise, I wish you a better life ————————————————————

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