How much is cat litter?

1. How much is a bag of cat sand? 2. How long can it be used? 3. How much is it cheaper if you buy it online? 4. By the way, what stitches to get the cat and how much money? (You have to answer all the questions before you give points!)

1 thought on “How much is cat litter?”

  1. Different weights are different, and the prices are different
    general we all buy the largest. Jie Shan is an old brand, the biggest bag I bought 33 yuan a bag. This is very expensive in cat litter
    generally 20 pounds of cat litter. There are also Mona and carbon sand. You can see a pet Taobao shop casually to see the price.
    For a cat, a month and a half is very enough to use
    The online is not much cheaper, and it is too heavy, so the freight is not low. I buy cat litter near home, and cat food is bought on Taobao.
    The cats are rabies and vaccines. Generally, the imported American Fund, the price is (ranging from 50-80 yuan) to see pet hospitals. A total of 3 stitches.
    Puled once a year, and you can stop playing for 3-7 consecutive years. (Under the circumstances)

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