The cat in that movie is called General

The last cat in a foreign movie saved the little girl. The cat killed the little dwarf and was optimistic that it was a foreign movie (it seems to be in the United States). , Real version, cats are really not 3D

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  1. Old Cat of Wesley

    The building upstairs where Li lived in the same building, often issued a disturbing noise at night. When Li Tong stepped up to find the guest theory of the unit, he saw an old man, one The girl and a black cat were in the unit. After that day, the old man moved away with the girl and the black cat, but left a cat's internal organs inside the unit. Everyone felt a little weird. Wesley felt that it was that black cat. He borrowed a best dog with his friends to capture the black cat. After a cat and dog war, the black cat was broken. After the tail, after the experiment, it was found that the cat's tail was actually a cat over sixty years old, which was even more weird.

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