4 thoughts on “How to make cats happy?”

  1. Sphinx cats (details introduction)
    For dogs with human nature, the happiest thing for them is to have the owner's company and delicious food. For quiet cats, interesting toys and grinding claws will also make cats happy. Many times we will treat pets as family members, so not only let cats worry about food and clothing, but also a pleasant mood is essential.
    1. Interesting toys
    The dynamic "mice" and laser pens of aluminum foil pockets, these toys can also excite the most lazy cats. Cats of cats all -weather will make cats a dancer and a magician who changes cats.
    2. Placed
    The cats love to grab things. This can grind the broken nails, stretch muscles, and mark your own "territory". The best way to save your furniture is to provide a large number of things that are "approved" for them to grind their claws. Cat "trees" and pillars, hard paper boxes and very creative "cat tracks" (putting a ball in a plastic passage with claw pads) is also a good choice.
    3. Provide a room that can watch the scenery outside
    The window is the TV of the cats -put a bird feed device next to the window to entertain the cats for a long time. If the window edge is not wide enough, you can make one or buy a cushion with a cushion on the edge of the window. Note: To ensure that the window is safe enough, cats will not slide on it. At the same time, roll the curtains and other things to prevent the cat's legs from being stirred.
    4. The corridor can also please the cat's joy
    The part of a closed porch or a window extended outward is a good place for cats to communicate with nature safely. If your yard has a fence, another good way is to surf the Internet on the shelves and circulate cats in your yard.
    5. Cats
    Yes, you can use a belt to train cats to take a walk, but note that you must use the lightest recycled belt and connect the chest belt instead of the collar. Let your cat get used to the chest with a chest, and then you can take it to explore it outside.
    6. Cat mint of the full yard
    This cats will slowly taste cat mint and roll inside. Other healthy snacks include wheat seedlings, tadpoles and oats.

  2. Let it regularly eat, drink less and get sick, prepare some safe toys to disinfect the toys on a regular basis, and play with adult cats, but this does not mean that he is unhappy.

  3. In fact, the cat does not like to play. It is not necessarily unhappy
    Cats are always old like people,
    people who want to play if they want to play
    n, don't believe
    This cats have been 8 years.
    . When I was young, he accompanied me to play
    Gradually he did not play
    I am not interested
    Actually he is old

    This, eat and drink, and have a certain degree of touches him, like a light massage on the head of the chin
    again Holding her and talking to him is very ridiculous but very good
    It you have to accompany her more. If you do n’t have time, you want your parents to accompany
    Give him more bath, cat's immunity will decrease
    I I can only say that these
    can only do these

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