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  1. There are also some stories about the righteous cat savior. There was a nurse who had been walking home in the night shift and was secretly rescued by the cats who followed her to get off work when they encountered a robber. It is said that when the police arrived, the cat had already held the robbers. The clothes were torn into cloth strips, and the cat was injured. There is also a story about the cat's care little master. After the adults at home were killed, the cat stayed with the baby's little owner and did not let people get closer. It was close to crazy. The rescuers could not be killed to help the baby. The story is very touching. My cat has similar actions. She has not allowed me to learn to walk near the balcony for a year. Every time she screams exhausted, caught the attention of adults. Therefore, I have always believed that cats will also protect the owner like a dog.

  2. The protection is mainly based on the personality. Each one is different. I ate breast milk or pet goat milk powder a month ago, and fed cat food for 1-2 months. After 8 months, they are fed to cat or whole cat food. Cat food is recommended to choose imported natural grains. You can add about 2 times a week. Cook with chicken and chopped it, cooked salmon, cooked beef and chopped, add an egg and a small amount of pumpkin. It is recommended to add some cats with comprehensive nutrition tablets and nutrition creams before adulthood. After 5 months of feeding cats, you can replace it with cats or cream without eating.

  3. Hello, I guess not. It seems that only dogs will be able to go to E pet mall to see knowledge and understand pet habits

  4. Yes, when my classmates and I were in trouble, my screams may be relatively loud. My cat rushed out and almost bit the classmates. He also whispered, and he stretched his claws to intimidate the classmates. Later, I soothing told it that it was playing together.

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