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  1. Cats need to do in vitro during the body once a month, and deworming in vivo every 3 months. This is determined by most of the effect of deworming medicine, that is, the state of insect repellent must always be maintained. How long does the pet cat drive once once every 1-3 months in the body, and the in vitro deworming is driven once a month. First of all, the frequency of cat deworming can be appropriately adjusted according to factors such as breeding environment and eating habits. If the cat's living environment is dirty or feeds raw meat, it is necessary to properly increase the frequency of insect repellent. In addition, giving cat deworming needs to be wearing neck circles to prevent licking according to the instructions of the use of insect repellent and the dose of the cat's weight selection.

    Strictly speaking, cats need to be deworming in vitro once a month, and deworming in vivo every 3 months. This is determined by the effect of most insect repellent. In other words, the state of deworming must always be maintained. Because pets often run and roll in various places, no matter how clean they are, they are much more likely to infect parasites than people.
    The first deworming of kittens is recommended to be about two months after weaning, then deworming in vitro per month, and once every three months of deworming. There are differences in the main components of different brands of insect -repellent, and there are differences in parasites corresponding to killing. It is recommended to change a brand component when feeding, so as to fully protect the health of the kitten.

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