5 thoughts on “How big is the cat to be a cat? why?”

  1. Cats will be considered a real adult after 6 months. Children's cats are relatively fragile and curiosity are sufficient, and they will rush at home. So if you want to raise a quiet cat, you can go to the pet shop to buy an adult cat. And the kitten is also difficult to take care of it. Like a baby, drink a lot of milk every day, and feed it every two hours. Therefore, the kitten must have a cat mother to take care of it, so that the kitten can be full and the kittens are strong.
    0 ~ 6 months of cats are kittens.
    The editor also conducted some inquiries on the Internet and found that cats will be adults after 6 months, and cats of 0-6 months are kittens and have not grown up. Therefore, when we raise cats, we can see how much this cat is. If the age is relatively young, it means that this cat is a little kitten. Such cats are not very good. Because such cats cannot eat adult cat food, they can only eat kittens, and it is very expensive to drink some goat milk. Therefore, it is best to follow the cat's mother, so that you can drink milk, and it can also absorb enough nutrients from breast milk, so as to grow stronger.
    I we can raise a cat for 6 months to one year old, such cats are very relatives.
    If you particularly like to raise cats, you can raise a adult cat. These cats are very relatives, which can give humans a sense of security and make humans like it very much. We must pay attention to cats when raising cats. If the cat's personality, if the cat's personality is too anxious, then such cats can not be raised, because such cats are very unclear. So we must choose a cat with a stable personality so that you can have a cute cat, which makes you very happy. When raising cats, we must provide a safe living environment for cats.
    Cats are very cute. Everyone wants to have a cat. If you particularly like cats, you must bring cats well. Drop, because cats have adapted to such a pet life and cannot live in the wild.

  2. Cats are usually a cat when they are about 10 months, because cats have begun to be in estrus at 10 months, and at this time the female cat can also be pregnant.

  3. Even a year is a cat, which is equivalent to 15 years old. Because the cat's life is particularly short. If a cat can live for 7 years, it is 44 years old.

  4. Over 1 year old.
    1 years old is counted as cats. In popular terms, when they are older than 12 months, they are already adult cats. At this time, cats can reproduce normally because their bodies are completely developed and mature It is equivalent to the age of human beings about 15 years old.
    The cats want to know how old their cats are and when they are adults. In fact, cats are relatively late in animals because they are adults for 12 months.

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