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  1. What dogs are best to raise
    What dogs are best to raise? Many people have always wanted to raise dogs at home, one is a look at home, and the other is to accompany themselves. Think about if you have a baby, dogs can grow with babies. What happened! So what dog is best to raise?
    What dogs are best to raise 1 1. Teddy
    In fact, Teddy is a poodle, but in terms of appearance, they are more like Teddy Bear Puppets, so they are named.
    This dogs are lively and active, very sensitive, smart, and have strong adaptability. It can be said that it is very good. In addition, their IQ is very high, ranking second among all dogs!

    . The border shepherd dog
    The border shepherd is the smartest among all dogs, their IQ It is equivalent to children aged 6 to eight. They are very enthusiastic and suitable for family care, but the owner should pay attention to ensuring that they have sufficient exercise daily.
    3. Golden retriever
    Golden retriever's personality is very gentle and friendly. It is the most common large dog species in the city, but they are too enthusiastic. hostility.
    4. Husky
    Husky's appearance is very beautiful and gentle. It is one of the three major non -aggressive dog breeds in the world, and they are not picky and very good to breed, but sometimes they suddenly become nervous. Stupid such a stupid thing.
    5. German Shepherd
    Themight German Shepherd is actually a very gentle dog. They are easy to receive training and can live peacefully with children and old people. The expert.
    6. Bagu dogs
    The Pagoda's personality is lazy and easy to get along, so it is very suitable for breeding at home.
    7. Labrado
    The common Labrado is a guide dog, which also shows that their loyalty, amiable personality, and Labrador like to please his family. Ideal family pet.

    8. Miglu Hound
    The Miglu Hound is a very good family dog. Because they are small, they are very suitable for playing with children.
    9. Sherry
    Xuenari's personality is very gentle, and they prefer to hug, can get along with children and other pets, and Seanari rarely lose hair, which also saves saves. Go to the family's troubles.
    10, French bullfighting dog
    French bullfighting dogs are very thick and kind. They are very brave and optimistic. They are a dog that is very suitable for people.
    What dogs are best to raise 2 1. VIP
    We all know that it is very suitable for those who will be allergic to hair, because the VIP is not very hair removal, it is a low -sensitive type, which is a low -sensitive type. Essence VIPs are smart and vivid. If they are breeding in the family, they have a lot of fun, so they are also popular.
    2. Chow Chow Dog

    The chili originated in our country and was the earliest as a hunting dog. Chow Chow combined with many "cleanliness and clean" dog varieties. The characteristics are also considered by most dog breeders to be the favorite of the most clean. The phenomenon of hair removal will be very serious. rn    3、墨西哥无毛犬rn   无毛犬打理起来会很简单,因为基本上不存在脱毛现象,有的墨西哥无毛犬基本上没有毛,不过也存在一些有毛但Not long, the local variety of Mexico. This dog is gentle and not wanton, and likes to play with the owner very much.
    but no hair does not need to take a bath without hair, but you don't need to wash it too frequently. After washing, apply a layer of moisturizing cream to protect their exposed skin.
    4. Japanese lion dogs
    Japanese lion dogs will clean themselves like cats, and will lick their claws and hair on their bodies. The Japanese lion dog originated in my country instead of Japan.
    . Although the lion dog's hair is very long, it feels smooth and comfortable. If it is well taken care of, it is very suitable for small pillows. The lion dog is relatively quiet, but like a cat, I like to find fun by myself and like " Self -intoxicated. "
    5. Bullfighting dog
    is strong, which is very suitable for those who like to be more lively. They are docile, loyal to people, and their own masters, and they can also be well available with other pets and dogs. No matter what kind of living environment, they can survive.
    of course, to say that the stupidity is a bit stupid, then it is a hundred miles.
    6. The sausage dogs

    A sausage dogs were originally German varieties, and later they were widely raised in the surroundings. The sausage dogs were relatively easy to raise in all dog species. Because the sausage dog's talent is one side, the pet owners do not need to spend too much effort to raise and take care of it, but it does not mean that they do not need the pet owner's company.
    7. Bagu dogs
    . Many people say that the Bagu dog is not so good -looking, but believes that the pet owners who know it will think it is a big baby worth breeding, its head is its head There are two tear marks on the eyes and the eyes, so it may not look beautiful. The Bay dog ​​is a small dog breed
    The characteristics, so it is loved by people.
    What dogs are best to raise 3 1. Boymei petite and cute look is very pleasing. It is also one of the very popular small dogs in China. And the personality is very well -behaved. Many owners are dressed in fashion and beauty, and they are also Internet celebrity pet dogs.
    2. Teddy Teddy is the same as Teddy. Rolling hair is very cute, and it is also the highest IQ dog. Very clever, strong learning ability, friendly and friendly, and friendly people who are young people like to raise.

    3. Golden retriever retrieved dogs. It is a very lively dog ​​species with a very lively person, a calm personality, and enthusiastic personality. And it is very good, because golden retriever is very friendly to children and babies. It is also a dog breed for many families.
    4. Satsuma. Most Samoye hair is white. Not only beautiful appearance, but also gentle, well -behaved, personality alarm, elegant temperament, and will not actively attack people. The title of this smile angel.
    5. Labrador. It is docile, very clever, alert, and is friendly to the owner. And learn things quickly and obey. There are also various working identities such as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, and police dogs.
    6. Border Shepherd. It is recognized as the smartest dog. IQ is also equivalent to a 6-8-year-old child. Teach it generally to learn as long as it is repeated a few times. It is also a great family dog.
    7, chopstick. As the name suggests, he is also named because his head is similar to the lion. A bitter expression of hatred has increased a little funny. Chow Chow Personality Police, Metering. It is also an excellent companion.

    8. Sherry (stalk dog), because eyebrows and beards are the same as the old man. Naturally happy. It is energetic, very vibrant and well -trained. Brave and loyal. It is also very suitable for family breeding with children.
    9. Husky is also called Erha. Many people don't know that its ancestors are wolves. But from its various expressions, it is really different from the wolf. Live, unconvinced, and brought a very two expressions and behaviors from time to time have also added a lot of fun to our lives.
    10. Butterfly dogs and butterfly dogs have a pair of cute big ears, petite and exquisite, lively and enthusiastic. It is more sticky and suitable for apartment breeding. They are soft and dense by Mao, which is very suitable for decoration and shape.

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