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  1. The protagonist of the first part
    Mars (Firestar)
    The first head of the first part is half -year -old. Mars was originally a pet cat named Raster. Later, he joined the Lei clan to become apprenticeship claws and was directed by the blue star. After his death, he became the patriarch. The apprentices he directed were charcoal, meadow, and blackBerry palm. The associate commander he appointed is: white wind, gray strip and blackBerry palm. The first samurai mission of Mars was to bring the wind back. Sometimes Mars breaks the samurai codes for friends or he believes in the right thing. For example, to find Yinxi with gray strips, when Blue Star wants to attack the Wind tribe, he will notify Gaoxing to avoid war and give Heku food. In "Powering the Land", he gathered four people to fight the blood race and killed the long whip of the blood race (the long whip is the brother of Mars and his father). During the biography, Mars accepted the entrustment of the ancient heavenly family Changyun Xing. With his partner Sha Feng, he went to the north to complete the mission of rebuilding the heavenly family, and gave birth to two daughters after the Hui group.
    Mars's first life lost in the fighting of "Powering Tree" and the long whip of the blood clan, the second life was lost in the fighting of "The Exploration of Mars" and the mouse of the family. "The present garden" was pressed by the inverted tree when the shadow family was rescued. "Lost because of green cough, and the sixth life was lost by foxes in" Fourth Apprentice ". Mao bit his neck and lost. There are two daughters in Mars and partner Shafe: squirrel and Ye Chi.
    This leaves ()
    beautiful pheasant female cats. In the first "Calling Wildness", she was a witch doctor. It is the descendant of the heavenly family and his partner bird who lives in the Thunder family. He has a blood relationship with his daughter's spotted skin; her mother is a jealous style, and she is also the sister of the willow belt. It is the grandson of Jiefeng). Mars secretly loved her, but she was unfortunately killed by the film warrior's claws in a part. After her death, she often loved Mars and Mars' daughter Ye Chimeng, and she has always loved Mars. Moreover, most of the spots are present in the description of the Star. In the "Exploration of Mars", the misunderstanding of Sandfeng's relationship with Mars. She told Mars and Ye Chi many predictions, and also promoted most important decisions of Mars and Ye Chi. For example, in the "Dusk War", Ye Chi told Ye Chi to follow his heart, so that Ye Chi finally decided to give up on the crow feathers. Feelings, return to the Lei tribe.
    Blue star is only blue -gray blue -eyed female cat with pale silver mouth and nose and tail. She served as the commander of the Lei tribe in the first part of the first part. Mars brought into the forest. She is a calm and fair family chief. The name of Blue Star's samurai is Lan Mao. He once fell in love with the rubber heart of the river and gave birth to three children: stone hair, fog feet, and small moss. Because the associate family's long brown spot was planned to retire, and the blue hair should prevent goodness to prevent goodness. The thistle of the war became the deputy commander, so he had to send the two children to the river (small moss frozen to death), and became the associate commander, and then became the patriarch. Lan Xing first chose the Red Tail as the deputy commander, and the post -red tail was murdered by the tiger star. I chose a tiger palm (later tiger star), and the tiger palm betrayed the Lei tribe at the end of "The Doubt" and intends to kill the blue star, but was discovered by Mars, and the tiger's palm was exiled by the blue star. Lan Xing betrayed himself because of the trusted deputy commander, and began to distrust the clan cat (at this time the deputy commander was the heart of the fire), and declared war to the Star family until the end of the "Dangerous Horror" to restore the rationality in order to seduce the wild dogs. Falling the cliff died. Blue Star seems to have a high status in the Star. The Star Cat who selected BlackBerry Palm in "Midnight Tracking" is also a blue star. Blue Star's teacher is stone skin. Because the stone skin was injured in the battle with the wind, he studied in the Sun Star (sunset). Lan Xing's mother is recorded in "The Secret of the Ethnic Group", but in the other narrative of the author, it is said to be dusty, Blue Star's father is a storm, Blue Star's sister is snow hair, white wind is the son of snowmur That is to say, Baifeng is the nephew of Blue Star.
    The gray strip ()
    is the son of the willow belt and the mao. The partner of the Yinxi/Pet Cat (Yinxi is difficult to give birth) in the river. Essence It was the first ethnic cat that Mars met after coming to the forest and the best friend of Mars. At the end of "Calling the Wild", he became a samurai (with the heart of the fire) and performed many tasks with Mars. The master of the gray strip is the heart of the lion. Become a tutor of the fern hair in "The Fire Fire". At the end of "Suspected Clouds", he joined the river for the children of himself and Yinxi (at that time called wind claws and feather claws), and was sent back to the Lei tribe in "Dangerous Horror" for saving the fire heart. In the Battle of the Bloody of "Powering the Land", Bai Feng was appointed as the deputy commander of the Lei family after his death. For a period of incident, Mars refused to believe that the gray strip was dead without appointing the new associate commander, but was persuaded by BlackBerry Palm during "Sunda and Peace", and appointed BlackBerry Palm as the associate commander. In "Preview Power", he escaped the two beasts with his new partner Milly (originally pet cat) and returned to the Lei tribe. It has also briefly guided violent hair.
    The protagonist of the second part
    BlackBerry palm ()
    The sons of Tiger Star, there are younger sisters brown skin and my father's brother Eagle Cream, sister moth wing, and squirrel flying partner. The second time he was questioned by his father Tiger Star, he finally proved that he had the ability to serve as the deputy commander after the gray strip disappeared. One of the four cats selected by the Star tribe led six cats to see the midnight, listened to the news of midnight, and participated in the operation of saving the emergency water tribe. Later, he found a new home with the four major groups. Tiger Xing trained BlackBerry Palm and brother Eagle Cream in the dream, and wanted him to rule the Lei and Winds, but BlackBerry Palm was loyal to the group (the reason for training was to become an excellent samurai. I hope to use his own efforts to become the conspiracy of his father) and finally kill the ambitious eagle cream. The children raised by BlackBerry are winter green leaves, lion flames and crow feathers, but they are actually children of Ye Chi and crow feather. In "The Light of Dawn", the fact that the squirrel flying Ye Chi concealed Ye Chi's pregnancy, but did not tell him and was furious. BlackBerry Palm became the Lei tribe in the fourth part.
    The witch doctor, Mars and Shafei's daughter, and sister and squirrel flying to the heart, once the partner of the crow feather, friends of moth wings, winter leaves, pine The mother of the crow and lion flame. She has a gentle, cautious personality, has a strong ability, and uses the witch doctor as her goal, but she fell in love with him after meeting with the crow feather. She had eloped with the crowy in the "Dusk War", but because she could not leave the general who could not leave the general who was unable to leave the general, the general would not be left. Back to the ethnic group attacked by the group. Later, he found that he was pregnant, concealed his own situation with the help of squirrel flying, and gave birth to the sister and brother of Dongsong Lion outside the Stone Valley. At the end of "The Light of Dawn", she was found to be a witch doctor and became a samurai because she was found to be born in her own, but she was very unhappy.
    Ser squirrel flying ()
    The partner of BlackBerry Palm, Mars and Sand Feng's daughter, have been better to quarrel with BlackBerry palm, and finally choose BlackBerry Palm as a partner. It's Ye Chi's sister. Her personality is reckless and willful, but it is a emotional and brave female cat. At first, because BlackBerry palm always took care of the eagle cream she could not trust, and was tit -for -tat, so it was very good to have wax hair. For a while, their relationship was very bad. But in the end, her fair personality made her decide to believe that BlackBerry palm itself, rather than being blinded by his origin, and reconciled with BlackBerry. After becoming a samurai, she gradually stabilized. Although she became a cat to help Ye Chi conceal her pregnancy, she also loved the three brothers and sisters of Dongsong Shi, who was not her biological.
    protagonist of the trilogy
    Winter green leaves are a green -eyed black female cat, thunder samurai. Extremely major. For the first time in "Preview Power". She and her Thunder Cat brothers Lion Flame and Drius Feather are the protagonists of the three forces, and they appear on the cover of the 3-6 "Light of Dawn" (referring to the English version). Originally, she chose to be a witch doctor because she saw other cats' respect for Ye Chi, and she wanted other cats to think that she was very important for the Lei tribe. She gave up the decision after a short time because she couldn't remember all herbs smoothly, and she was very disgusting about scars and injuries. She found that she was more interested in samurai training and realized that she should be a warrior who protects the Lei tribe, so she began to be trained by fern. Dong Qingye learned how to be loyal to her clan and the Code of Samurai under her mentor. As a result, she was extremely dissatisfied with the feelings of Lion Flame to the wind of the Wind Mother Cat. She killed the wax hair, and later learned that her parents (Ye Chi and Crow) seriously violated the samurai rules and ran to the collapsed tunnel on a rainy day to commit suicide.
    In winter leaves were part of the three forces, but because she died, the three forces became lion flames, crow feathers, and pigeon claws (kittens falling in white winged birch). Winter Qingye is the same father and sisters of the wind leather (the kitten of the night cloud), the granddaughter of Mars and Sand Wind, and the granddaughter of the gray feet (the mother of the crow Yu, the commander of the wind tribe), the Eaglekit (brothers) The niece of the niece, the niece of squirrel flying, the princess's niece and granddaughter, the great -granddaughter of Jack (Mars father), the long whip, rupee, and Sx's mother -in -law and granddaughter, or the mother -in -law, white wings, bright heart, pigeon flying harmony Relatives of Changchun Tengchi. Her father's Crow Yu is the descendant of Fengxing and Jinquiden (the first and second generation of the wind), so she is the same. The winter leaves are 50%of the wind, 25%of the thunderbolt, and 25%pet cat blood.
    crow feathers ()
    The crow feathers are only blue -eyed gray tabby cats, and he is a blind cat. Ye Chi became a thunder witch doctor because of concealing the pregnancy. He is the hands and feet of winter leaves and lion flames, the same father and brothers of the wind skin, and the three forces as the three forces as the winter leaves and lion flames. The crow feather is a witch doctor under the door of Ye Chi, and the child of Ye Chi and crow feather. Originally, the crow feathers wanted to be a samurai because he was as important as his hands and feet to the tribe, and he felt that the position of the witch doctor was much humble than the honor that the samurai could feel. He began to be trained under the samurai under the door of Liangxin, but he felt tired soon. He did not receive enough training, nor did he thoroughly explore the Lei field. The crow feathers had an illegal idea, and he wanted to explore himself. This idea caused him to fall into the lake when he walked through a cliff in the field of wind. Fortunately, a wind patrol team is nearby, but for this reason, the crow feathers are very afraid of water. After that, Ban Ye convinced him to be a witch doctor. The crow feathers were very concerned about his injuries, and he resolutely opposed that the cat looked at him with strange eyes, and he also hated sympathy. The power of the crow feathers is the idea of ​​clearing the cats, can enter their memories, and can shuttle in the dreams of other cats. Compared with other witch doctors, they have a more special relationship with the Star classes.
    The crow feathers are the same father and brothers of the wind leather (the kitten of the night cloud), the grandson of Mars and Shafe, and the grandson of gray (the mother of the crow feather, the deputy commander of the wind), Eaglekit (Crow Brother )'s nephew, the nephew of squirrel flying, the princess's nephew, the great -grandson of Jack (Mars Father), the grandchildren of the long whip, rupee, and Sx's mother -in -law, or the tail, white wings, pigeon flying Relatives of Ivy Tengchi. His father's crow feather is the descendant of Fengxing and Jinquiden (the first and second -generation patriarchs of the wind), so he is the same. The crow feathers are 50%of the wind, 25%of the thunderbolt, and 25%pet cat blood.
    Lion flames are a golden tiger -colored cat with amber -eyed eye. He and his hands and feet winter green leaves and crow feathers are the protagonists of three forces. Lion Flame talked with the soul of Tiger Star and Eagle Cream during the turbulent river. A young and beautiful windmaker Cat Cat Claw invited him to organize a fictional cat "dark family". The location was in an underground tunnel. "Lion palm". Lion Fan fell in love with the claws, and he fell in love with him. Dong Qingye and charcoal found these dates. Dong Qingye even threatened the Lion Flame to tell the whole family and make Lion Flame hate her in gossip. He enjoyed these secret dates very much, but left the samurai training behind his head, which made Tiger Star and Eagle Cream very angry, accusing the Lion Flame to teach the enemy cat fighting skills. The Eagle Cream also said that the Shi Shi claws would use these combat skills on the battlefield one day on the battlefield. Come up against the Lei tribe. Lion Yan felt embarrassed. Later, he told Shi Nan's claws that he would never see her again. Heinean claws are very sad, but Lion Flame is serious. Since then, Lion Yan's fighting and hunting skills have begun to improve, making his mentor wax hair very satisfied. The power of Lion Flame is invincible. He will involuntarily stretch the claws in front of the battle.
    Li Flame is the same father and brother of the wind leather (the kitten of the crowy night cloud), the grandson of Mars and Sand wind, the grandson of gray (the mother of the crow feather, the deputy commander of the wind), Eaglekit (Eaglekit ( The nephew of the crow, the nephew of the squirrel, the nephew of the princess, the great -grandson of Jack (Mars Father), the long whip, rupee, and Sx's mother -in -law's nephew, or the tail, white wings, pigeons and pigeons, and The relatives of Xiao Changchun. His father's crow feather is the descendant of Fengxing and Jinquiden (the first and second -generation patriarchs of the wind), so he is the same. Lion Flame has 50%windy blood, 25%of the thunderbolt, and 25%pet cat blood.
    The protagonist of the fourth department
    Dovewing (Dovewing)
    A golden eye, furry gray female cat, a daughter of white wings and birch falls, and Sister Fujishi. She was born in "The Light of Dawn" and appeared at the end of "The Light of Dawn" (the first time for the siblings of Dongsong Lion to find the return of the sun gods and Ye Chi for white wings). And it is also mentioned that she or her hands and feet will be the third cat in the three forces, because Dong Qingye is not the cat mentioned by the prophecy. Her mentor is a lion flame and has the blessing of starred. In the first episode of the four -part star — "The Fourth Apprentice", she will mention her ability -you can hear or see what happened in the distance (thousands of miles or smooth ears). In "The Fourth Apprentice", he led the four ethnic warriors to destroy the beaver's dam with the mentor Shi Yan, returned the water in the lake, and ended the drought. Together with Fujiki, he was promoted to samurai in "Moonlight Seal". Pigeon Fei is the granddaughter of the alert tail and bright heart (white -winged parent), dust and Xiangwei Yun (parents of the birch departure), princess (mother of the meadow), frost -hearted (mother -in -law), face face (fragrant face Wei Yun's mother) (Frost Mao, Tattoo Faces are sisters, are two daughters who know more wings). Relatives of heart and poppy frost.
    The r
    The female cat with dark blue eyes and white tabby is a daughter of white wings and birch falls, sisters of pigeon wings. She was born in "The Light of Dawn" and appeared at the end of "The Light of Dawn" (the first time for the sisters of Dongsong Lion to find the return of the gods of the sun god, the pine feathers and Ye Chi were born as white wings). And it is also mentioned that she or her hands and feet will be the third cat in the three forces, because Dong Qingye is not the cat mentioned by the prophecy. Her mentor is charcoal. He was promoted to samurai in "Moonlight Seal" with pigeon wings. Fujiki is the granddaughter of the alert tail and bright heart (white -winged parents), Chen Mao and Xiangwei Yun (the parents of the birch falls), the princess (mother of the meadow), frost -hearted (mother -in -law), face face (Xiangwei Yun's mother) (Frost Mao, Face Face is a sister, a two daughter who knows the wings), is Ye Chi, Mars, Squirrel Fei, Demow feathers, winter ◆ Windclan (agile and loyal
    Territory: The fields with two legs in the north are the border between them and the river from the northwest to southeast, and the thunderbolt road in the east. The river camp is located in the swamp area and was later proven to be easily attacked.
    : Extremely loyal, agile, fast, and irritable cats. They are nervous and slippery, which is attributed to the wilderness that their territory is lacking. They are proud of the cats closest to Moonstone. Among all cats, they know the deepest to them because they have long observed legs in the agricultural land for a long time.
    A prey/food: The staple food is a rabbit.
    hunting ability: rapid, lean and agile. Its short and soft fur can form a protective color with rocks and grass.
    Outstanding family chiefs: Gao Xing, Yixing
    Outstanding witch doctors: Qing Noodles, Hao Fei
    Wind Heroes: Gao Xing, Mud, One Star, Crow Rather
    ◆ Shadow Shadow Clan () ─ cunning arrogance
    Territory: the only tribe located on the north of Lei Gui Road. The shadow base is hidden in the dark low ground, surrounded by sharp and hard thorns.
    The national signs: sexual joy, strong aggression, ambition, and desire to broaden territory. I heard that the cold wind of the film tribe frozen their hearts, making them suspicious and unwilling.
    A prey/food: The frogs, lizards and snakes that will produce the marsh and muddy territory of the shadow family. The source of the secret food is the two -legged animal dump on the distant border, although they have to be careful not to eat contaminated mice or crows.
    hunting ability: The night hunting ability of the shadow cats is better than other cats, and they are good at lurking without being found.
    Outstanding family chiefs: Night Star, Black Star
    Outstanding Witch Doctors: Yellow tooth, Benbi, Xiaoyun
    Shadow Heroes: Night Star, Black Star, Brown Skin
    ◆ Thunder Family () ─ Bad and fierce war
    Territory: north to thunderous roads, west of the river to look at the river separately; to the east to snake rock, the south is the land and logging field of the two leg animals. The main camp of the Lei tribe is located next to the tributary near the sand pit, and there are shrubs protection around, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack.
    Religious signs: obey the samurai codes and respect other cat samurai; on the battlefield, brave and good fighting, loyalty. The Lei people spared no effort to pursue justice, and they were fearless to challenge the norms of traditional samurai.
    A prey/food: mice, field rats, squirrels, occasionally catch rabbits and birds.
    hunting ability: have excellent tracking, sniper skills. They will stand on the wind of the prey, and they are silently lying on the forest floor.
    Outstanding family chiefs: Blue Star, Mars
    Outstanding witch doctors: spots, yellow teeth, charcoal, leaf ponds, pine crow feathers
    Lei clan heroes: blue stars, Mars, blackBerry palm, palm, Squirrel flying, lion flame
    ◆ Riverclan ─ smart and strong
    Territory: a small island surrounded by water but well drained. The river camp is located in the rustling reeds, and because other cats are afraid of water, it is almost possible to be attacked.
    RMB: contentment, gentle and polite, and well -educated. Mao is long and shiny. They love beautiful things and often collect stones, shells and feathers to decorate cat nests. They are not afraid of water.
    A prey/food: The staple food is fish, but it will also eat water mice and mice.
    hunting ability: swimming health general, can swim in the water silently. They will fish fish from the palm of the river embankment, which is also the ability of other cats. rn杰出族长:钩星、豹星、雾星rn杰出巫医:泥毛、蛾翅、柳光rn河族英雄:钩星、豹星、石毛、雾脚、 Relatives of feather tails, fur leaves, lion flames, honey fern, charcoal heart, poppy cream.

  2. A long time ago, a group of cats moved into the dense forest near the edge of the mine. Some of them are pet cats to explore forests from human lives; others grow in the forest, rely on hunting, and obey the life of samurai codes. The cats are divided by their hobbies and prey according to their hobe. Those who love to eat fish live in the river; those who love to eat rats stay in the dense jungle; they love to eat the sparse forest land of squirrels; those light enough, interested in snakes and lizards enter the swamp. Initially, there was no border there, and there were never large -scale battles between cat groups. However, when the prey was scarce, the war broke out. At first, it was only between a few cats, and then gradually evolved into a battle between cats in different hunting fields. In a terrible battle, the blood of the land under the four huge oak trees flowed into a river. Those dead souls began to pray for peace from the most powerful cats in various fields: wind, shadow, thunder, river, and heaven (once this is this this One of the five people, living in the lower reaches of the Lei tribe, is good at climbing trees. Later, because of human beings, they have invaded the heavenly territory. Leaving his hometown and exile everywhere.). The five cats vowed to their companions that they would find ways to end the war, live in their respective hunting fields, and protect their territory in order to welcome the arrival of generations of cats. They live in accordance with the samurai codes, and they will continue to spread forever until the forest and the lake area turn into dust.

  3. The cat samurai mainly talked about a group of wild cats living in the forest formed four ethnic groups, namely: thunder, wind, shadow, river. The Lei tribe lived in the woods, the wind lived in the plain, the shadow clan lived in the swamp, and the river lived by the river. Each group has its own territory, and every month, the group of groups will be used to report the situation of the group.
    The first part of the group mainly talked about the group of pet cat Laster began a group career and became the patriarch.
    The second part mainly talks about human damage to the cat's home, causing cats to find a new family.
    The trilogy mainly talks about the Thunder's three forces, crow feathers, winter leaves and lion flames. They have magical capabilities
    four tribes (now only 3 books) mainly talk about winter leaf It is not one of the 3 strengths, but the pigeon flying. It mainly talks about dumplings, the two sisters and black forests of Ivy Pond.
    PS: Each family has one head, one deputy team leader, one witch doctor, several cats, several samurai, several cubs

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