5 thoughts on “What are the benefits of cats? What is the pet cat and dog?”

  1. In the first point, you can effectively pass the boring time.
    Stime is really strange. Sometimes when you have nothing to do, you do n’t know what to do, then they will tease the kitten to play, and even watch the kitten playing there. In this case, it can be effective. Send some boring time. After all, people cannot always be busy. Some people do n’t know what to do when they are idle, so at this time, raising a cat can pass a lot of boring time. In fact, some elderly people also like to raise cats. After all, they can send them. Many boring time.
    The point 2 can avoid being too lonely.

    The is actually a normal state of loneliness. Whether it is young or elderly, if you are alone, you will inevitably feel lonely, boring, empty and lonely. But the arrival of pets has solved this loneliness problem, especially for some elderly people, a pet can be raised, which can effectively avoid, and even prevent dementia. When a person is accompanied by a kitten, he will not feel lonely, sometimes he can regain his confidence in life, and has certain expectations for the future, and it is not easy to make a person feel lonely.
    The point 3 can effectively avoid a person's emotional depression.

    The psychologist once pointed out that if a person's emotions are always low, you can recommend that they have a kitten or a puppy, because animals like to be sticky, can be able to stick to people, can be able to be sticky, can be able to be sticky, can be able to stick to people, can be able to stick to people. Bring us happiness, can also make a person more loving, and make a person find the value of yourself, so to this extent, it can effectively avoid a person's emotional depression. Because when we raise these pets, there will be a feeling of being needed. When we are needed, we can better discover our own value and meaning of existence, and natural emotions will be much better.
    The finally raising pet cats and dogs, in fact, I think both are easy to raise. But if you like it, I personally like dogs, because dogs have higher loyalty, and they will often shake our tails to please us, which will make us happier.

  2. The advantage of the appearance is that cats are more clean, talk about hygiene, and do not need to take out. Pet dogs are easy to raise, dogs can be raised, not as fine as cats. Just clean it regularly, and occasionally take it out.

  3. What you really like is good, and it will be troublesome if you don't like it. Cats are easy to raise, but they are not necessarily sticky, most of them are hair loss. Most of the dogs are more sticky, and there are almost hair loss varieties that need to be built frequently, and dogs need to go out every day. There will be many small problems with dog breeding, and it takes details to take care of it. Cats are generally not sick, and there are many problems with a serious illness. Pets need to leave thousands of pieces of backup benefits.

  4. It can relieve your stress, soothe your mood, prevent depression, help your life add more fun, and you can have a partner to accompany yourself. Of course, cats are better, because cats do not need to go out.

  5. Cats can make your personality very gentle. It is actually the same for cats and dogs. The main thing is to care for them with love, so that any small animal is happy in front of you.

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