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  1. The fox dog is also called the silver fox dog, also known as the Japanese silk (velvet) hair dog, the Japanese sharp mouth dog, the English name is JAPANESE SPITZ. The height of a dog is 30 ~ 38 cm, weighs 6.4-10 kg, and has a life span of about 12 years. Native to Japan, it is said that about thirteen years in Japan, in Germany, the Samoyed dogs that were originally produced by Siberia and Japanese dogs were made with Japanese dogs. They were later improved into cute pure white small fox dogs. The dog's appearance is pure white and double hair, and there is a plump cluster hair around the neck, chest and tail, which is particularly loose. Black eyes, ears stand upright and show triangle, round and black nose, tip. The feet are round, the toes are full of hair, and the tail has a bush roll to the back. The fluffy, generous, and pure white hair is very beautiful. Their body is small, with a height of about 35 cm and weighing about 8 kg. The shortcomings of the silver fox dogs are too dependent on the owner and are too sensitive. The owner leaves, or the surroundings are more likely when there is movement, and there is a sporty nervousness when the puppies are performed -but not fierce. The advantages are very loyal to the owner, very obedient to the owner, and good immunity, which is convenient for people to raise. Silver Fox Dog is a representative dog breed in Japanese dogs and was officially recognized as precious animals in Japan in 1931. Because they look well and clean, there are many people raising everywhere. Its logo is characterized by: Littar, tail, and tip of the mouth, especially those eyes -the shape is like almonds, and the gods are like laughing. The eyelids have long eyelashes, exactly like double eyelids, and are very beautiful. The back is straight, the limbs are strong, the body is strong, and the hair color is white, tiger, and flower spots. Among them, pure white is precious. This dog is smart and stable, feels keen, well -shape, loyal, and soft. It is an excellent pet dog and watching dog. They are loved by the world because of their smiles and eyebrows.
    The Japanese dogs started raising from the Stone Age. During the long -term evolution of Japanese dogs, because people do not pay attention to the best breeding of dogs, they have a tendency to cross -intersection. In response to the hybridization of Japanese dogs, some of the dogs of dogs organized the "Japanese Dog Save", which mainly collected the pure species "Japanese dogs" between the fellows of the mountains of Shenshan for reproduction. The variety has played a vital role. In the early 20th century, the variety and blood of Japanese dogs stabilized. .. This "sharp -mouth dog" has always been loved by the German Germanic nation; dog breeds belonging to this form include Pomeranian, Alaska sled dogs and Eskimo dogs. About 13 years in Dazheng, Japan, the white German fox dogs messed up with Japanese dogs, and they were cultivated and cultivated to become the dog. In 1913, the dog had become a very popular dog breed in Japan. In 1952, it was officially recognized as an independent dog. kind.

  2. Cultivation of the dog viewing dog

    This Chinese fox dogs commonly known as an English name JAPANESE SPITZ. The birthplace of Japan's breeding method is the same as the ancestor of the Japanese fox dogs and the Nordic silk dogs, and it is a close relative with Germany. In Japan, it is the favorite dog in the family. Habits are loyal to the owner and are hostile to strangers; the police, smart, gentle, and brave. It is a good small "watch dog". Body shoulder height: 30.5-35.5cm in male dogs, slightly smaller for the bitch. The average weight is 6kg.

    This head medium size

    This ears and ears are small and triangular, erected

    The hair is thick, straight and separated; the fluff is thick, short, and dense.

    This is pure white


    This requires combing daily, like a certain exercise.

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